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  • Herman - Smart Plug is a great idea but needs more development

    I had high hopes for the Smart Plug. I installed the plug, configured my smartphone with Kasa, configured Amazon Echo and tested. The first test was successful for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes Echo (Alexa) lost contact with the Smart Plug and would not reconnect. I assumed that I had done something wrong during the installation and configuration. I stepped back and started over. I followed the installation instructions that I obtained on the Internet, very precisely. Once again, the Smart Plug communicated with Amazon Echo. I turned Smart Plug on and off many times by making requests through Echo. I left the Smart Plug on for about 40 or 50 minutes and then tried again, and the Echo and Smart Plug communicated correctly. Then, for no apparent reason the Echo and Smart Plug stopped communicating and I could not get them communicating again. At that point I decided to return Smart Plug. I have non-technical people in my household and they would be very dissatisfied with a device that has intermittent problems.

  • moujoeb - does the job well

    I bought it to charge my misc. AA batteries. It does just that. The product DOES feel "cheap" in the sense that the plastic is thin, the joints seem like they'll give up BUT if you're nice to it it'll be nice to you. Basically, I set it up in the corner of my office desk, swap batteries as I need them and it works just fine. I would recommend it BUT not to my nephew.

  • Christian - Perfect

    Bought 2 of these, office and home. Perfect for charging iPad and iPhone....and rids the need to take 2 separate plugs when traveling.