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  • sloanoverlock - Like it should be able to

    Impressed with this so far. I was skeptical how a very dark black powder could whiten teeth, doesn't see. Like it should be able to, but I have noticed slight whitening happening. I have only been using this product for a few days, so I can't wait to see the results another couple of weeks will make.

  • Lois Marie - Didn't do much

    I've used Tend Skin for years, and decided to try a bottle of this to see how they compared. I do prefer that this is a gel rather than a liquid, but it just didn't seem to work as well. I'm back with Tend Skin.

  • Keri Allen - Very deceptive marketing

    This is the first review I have ever written. I would never purchase this product again. I believe their marketing is very deceptive and it's not worth the hassle. If I could give it a lower review than 1 star I would.They do not tell you that you will be billed whether you order an additional supply or not. A $19.95 cost sounds good but it isn't in my opinion honest.

  • Rhonda - Good song

    Not my favorite, but a good song. I do like to hear it, but there are other songs that I like better.

  • jedismurf - This works really really great. Even better than I expected

    This works really really great. Even better than I expected. Helped me save a lot of money and time. My only advice is to buy a few tubes to great large areas done because it does take plenty of this stuff to get the job done.

  • S. C. Williams - Upgrade from office 2000.

    I jumped form windows XP to Windows 8.1, and my office 2000 CD's would not run under 8.1. Install went off with out a hitch, turned out my new PC had a trial version of office already loaded, so it only took a few minutes. Does everything the old office did from what I can tell, Just taking a long time getting used to the new look and feel. I am making a lot of good use of the office for dummies, but I am up and running after a week.