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  • Whitney - Really Moisturizing

    This cream feels amazing. I had been using the same daily moisturizer for years, but I'm switching now for sure. I use the day cream each morning and this cream every evening. It moisturizes far better than the cream I've been using and a little goes a long way. I'm about halfway through the container, and I've been using it for about month and half. I'm 28, so I don't have wrinkles yet, but I do have some fine lines that seem a little less noticeable since I started using this product. The best part though, is that my skin feels really good. It's smooth to the touch, and never feels itchy or tight. I would highly recommend this product.

  • South FL PC User - Fun, But Frustrating Problems Continue

    I love playing this game but it is frustrating to have it close out on its own and take a "life" when it does. This is a consistent problem. I too lost all my progress during the first two cities (Sydney and Tokyo) and had to start over. Since reaching San Francisco that problem seems to have cleared up. I don't connect through Facebook because when I did that I could not play any single level in a city without clicking my way through game messages 5-6 times. I had to delete and reinstall the game to remove the Facebook connection and start over a third time.

  • tamara m slason - Very helpful

    I'm going to tell you right now, this is a very good product and does what it say. I wouldn't have believed it with the "pyramid schemey" feel to the company, but it saved my dog 4 years of his life. My dog Ham was diagnosed with cancer and we were told it was stage 3 (worst stage for dogs) and he had 4 months to live without treatment. We were devastated. Feeling very low that evening my husbands cousin cameover talking up a storm about this new product he had found and all the amazing things it did. I immediately thought of my dog and would it help him. I jumped online and spent the next 3 hours searching everything I could and I found that many people where taking this for cancer and a small handful of people had giving it to pets. Not for cancer but they thought it helped there pets all the same. So, I talked my cousin into buying up 3 cases. He agreed and bought them on the spot. We got them a while later and I started giving him one packet a day. The tumor had major regrowth after surgery and vet told us he didn't want to keep removing it from a dog who was so close to death. Within the first week of giving him the packet a day, the tumor was visibly shrinking. It shrunk so much that it wasn't even noticeable. That's really saying something. I gave him this for another 4 years. It kept him alive and the only reason it failed in the end was my family hit hard times and was unable to afford it for a while. It grow back rapidly without the Zija and by the time we got him more it had already take it tole on him. I'll always be so thankful for those 4 extra years tho. Now I take this daily with my other dog. I'll always have this stuff around.

  • Hamarca - Comprehensive

    I find this book a necessity, despite having a leading computer tax program. There a just some questions that I often have that I can't find on the computer program, but this encyclopedic volume helps me get the answers.

  • Sleep Papa - Material good, Exams not good

    I bought this and the Kaplan one. I'd say that this Princeton Review seems to have more in-depth review in the text. But it has two downsides: one is that great swaths of text go by with no questions, so you can't tell if you understand the material in the way that will be useful on the test. The second downside is the practice test. I just took practice test 1 online and it was "hard" but also poorly written -- grammatical errors, times when two of the multiple choice answers were exactly the same, and perplexingly, the practice test had two essays to write (!?). The Kaplan practice exams were much better. Long ago I worked for Princeton Review as an instructor, and the line they told me that perhaps wrongly put my faith in them was that at Kaplan they invest in marketing, but at Princeton Review they invest in research and development. That doesn't seem right for this book, in it being from 2011 on the inside copyright page (though the back cover is copyright 2013--perhaps just the design and images?). Plus the outdatedness of the materials were further shown by having to do obscure Java permissions on an outdated browser to get the exam to work.

  • Paul Anthony F. Brown - Disappointed

    After reading some rave reviews for this product I thought I should get one for myself as I would dearly like to turn my life around like so many others seem to have done with this product.