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  • Nemeth - Not really helpful...save your time and money

    I bought this book thinking it would help me prepare for the gre. Wrong. This book gives a very simple and quick overview of each section and just skims over the math portion and is completely useless if you are trying to refresh any math concepts. Their mini-review sections only contain 5-7 questions each and then their are two 60 question practice sets which are helpful but again, they don't cover all of the concepts. The CD that comes with the book is from another decade..there are some typos, you can't print the extra practice sets and the math was freakishly easy and I know that ETS would never ask such easy questions. Save your time and money and buy the Barrons Essential Words for the GRE and buy the NOVA gre math prep course if you really want to do well on the test.

  • diana smith - just buy the protein shakes at your local store for $20

    It's like taking a multi-vitamin in morning. It helps you wake up and feel better, but by lunch I was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. I lost nothing, but I did feel better. After about 2 weeks, my hunger cravings came back. It was expensive for this product to not work. I will just stay with my vitamins and buy my protein shakes for about $20 at Wal-Mart. Same feeling and same effect for a lot cheaper.

  • Meites - This phone case is really nice both in terms of look and feel

    This phone case is really nice both in terms of look and feel. I really like the combination of the black case with the gold iphone. The colors mesh well together and leave your phone looking very sharp and stylish.