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Online expat counseling using Skype and email - Online expat counseling and coaching services for individuals and couples. Specialized in PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more.

  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/psychologist-in-ljubljana-2/ Psychologist in Ljubljana for english & dutch speaking people - Psychologist in Ljubljana - certified & specialised in treating psychological issues: depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, marriage & expat issues, and more.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-treatment/ Online treatment: an effective and convenient way of treatment. - Online treatment for individuals and couples with various mental issues & needs: PTSD, Anxiety, Phobia, Stress, Depression, Marriage problems, and more.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-relationship-help/ Online relationship help / online couples counseling. - Online relationship help helps couples to understand each other better, resolve conflicts, communicate in a healthier way and improve their relationship.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/family-counseling/ Family counseling online: growing as a family. - Family counseling focuses on the family, family dynamics and individual issues and needs. Family counseling helps the family grow as one social system.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-counselor/ Online counselor for individuals, couples & families. - Online counselor offers treatment for depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, addiction, communication skills & more. Couples & individual therapy.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/treatment-psychological-difficulties/ Treatment psychological difficulties and needs - Treatment psychological difficulties such as various emotional and clinical problems, personal growth and relationship issues. Online and face-to-face.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/therapy-types/ Therapy types for treatment - Barends Psychology Practice - Niels Barends offers various therapy types: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, EMDR, trauma treatment, Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-therapy-fees-and-availability/ Online therapy fees - Barends Psychology Practice - Online therapy fees: First session free of charge. Online therapy sessions individual or couples: €45 per session of 45-60 minutes.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-therapy-mental-disorders/ Mental disorders: information about all the mental disorders. - Mental disorders: information about symptoms, causes, treatment options, facts, but also self-help pages with advice, tips and exercises.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/different-types-of-depression/ Different types of depression explained! - Different types of depression. Read everything about Bipolar disorder, Dysthymia, Winter depression, Major depressive episode & postpartum depression.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-depression-symptoms/ Depression symptoms - Major depressive disorder. - Depression symptoms: All the major depressive disorder symptoms listed with the particular differences between depression in men and women.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/diagnosing-depression-barends-psychology-practice/ Diagnosing depression - the DSM-IV criteria. - Diagnosing depression? Here are the DSM-IV criteria for diagnosing depression. If you think you might have depression, feel free to schedule an appointment!
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/depression-causes/ Depression causes: what causes depression? - What causes depression? What are the risk factors? Hormones? Brain chemistry? Stress? Inheritance? Read more about the depression causes.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/treating-depression/ Treating depression: what are common ways to treat depression? - Treating depression using psychotherapy, medication or a combination of both. Read everything you need to know about treating depressive disorders.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/coping-with-depression/ Coping with depression - 7 tips to beat depression. - Coping with depression. 7 useful tips to beat depression. The latest tips on diet, exercise, negative thinking, social support and other coping skills.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/depression-test-online/ Depression test online: free online depression test. - The depression test online takes only two minutes of your time, shows results immediately, and is anonymous. Based on your answers recommendations are made.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/interesting-depression-facts/ Interesting Depression facts - Major Depression Disorder. - Interesting Depression facts. Interesting facts about Major Depression Disorder. How common is Depression? More men than women? Co morbidity? Effectiveness?
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-dysthymia/ Dysthymia (dysthymic disorder) - Barends Psychology Practice - Dysthymia symptoms, dysthymia causes, diagnosis and treatment. Everything you need to know about Dysthymia. Contact me for a free online therapy session.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/bipolar-disorder-signs-symptoms/ Bipolar disorder signs, symptoms, treatment & facts. - Bipolar disorder signs and symptoms, causes, treatment and interesting facts. Everything you need to know about bipolar disorder.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-seasonal-affective-disorder/ Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) - winter depression - Seasonal affective disorder: everything you need to know about Winter depression, Summer depression. Seasonal affective disorder symptoms, treatment & more.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-postpartum-depression/ Postpartum depression: symptoms, causes & treatment. - Postpartum depression: what are the symptoms, why do people get it & how is it treated? Schedule an appointment if you think you have postpartum depression.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-psychotic-depression/ Psychotic Depression - Symptoms, causes and diagnosis - Psychotic Depression: what are the symptoms, what causes psychotic depression, what is the difference between major depression and psychotic depression?
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-catatonic-depression-symptoms/ Catatonic depression symptoms, causes and treatment - Catatonic depression symptoms list, what causes catatonic depression and how is catatonic depression treated? Everything you need to know.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/complex-ptsd/ Complex PTSD, PTSD and PTS explained and compared. - Complex PTSD, PTSD and PTS explained: What are the differences between PTSD, complex PTSD and PTS? What causes it and how can it be treated?
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-ptsd-symptoms/ PTSD symptoms - post-traumatic stress disorder - PTSD symptoms: all the ptsd symptoms listed in the main categories: 1. Anxiety and emotions, 2. Intrusive memories, 3. Avoidance and numbing.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-causes-of-ptsd/ Causes of PTSD explained - Barends Psychology Practice. - What are the causes of PTSD, which risk factors may increase the chance to develop PTSD in the future? Also read more about Online PTSD treatment.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-ptsd-treatment/ PTSD treatment - online EMDR treatment for ptsd - PTSD treatment both face-to-face and online using either EMDR, CBT or exposure therapy. Information about every kind of PTSD treatment.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/online-ptsd-treatment-emdr-therapy/ Online EMDR therapy: treating PTSD and trauma. - Online EMDR therapy is an effective way to treat Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobia. It's possible to treat PTSD with online EMDR therapy.
  • https://www.barendspsychology.com/mental-disorders-post-traumatic-stress-disorder-statistics/ Post-traumatic stress disorder statistics of Europe, USA, and more. - Post-traumatic stress disorder statistics. 68 facts about the Vietnam War, Afghanistan, but also Canada, Australia, U.S.A., the Netherlands, Sweden & more.

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