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  • Lisa P. - It is AMAZING!!

    My husband just bought this projector at Home Depot for $69 for Halloween. It is AMAZING!!!! The Zombie scene is so incredibly creepy that we are still freaked out. I finally had to switch it to the Bones Dancing because it was freaking everyone out. I would purchase again. As a matter of fact, I will be purchasing 2 more for my other rooms. So cool!!1

  • LilMomma - Pills, Pills, Pills, Pills....oh did I mention the Pills?

    The cleanse portion was ok but the 14 day phase that followed was not a pleasant experience. There are so many pills to take especially if you use the "complimentary" products that are recommended. Big, hard to swallow pills that do nothing to help with weight loss except get you to fill up with the water you use to take them. If you follow the eating plan they suggest you WILL lose weight WITHOUT all of the products they sell you. The diet plan is portion controlled lean proteins, complex carbs and vegetables spaced out during the day avoiding most dairy, sugar and fried foods....of course you lose weight.

  • Teri - Great printer, installing ink and set up time no ...

    Great printer, installing ink and set up time no problems, prints a lot faster and better prints than last printer I had and I Loved that printer except when buying ink cartridges but had to replace it due to new OS Window 10 install, overall glad I pulled the trigger on this one.