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  • Timothy Akers - Brilliantly written and with great love

    Brilliantly written and with great love! What I appreciated more than anything was the story told not only about Lucy's talent but Desi's innovative talents in the early years of TV film!

  • vfrizzo - Looks awesome and very functional.

    Looks awesome and very functional. Installed on my 2012 xterra and no change in signal. Also looks great.. No more annoying stock antenna scraping across the garage door when I pull in. Easy to install. Just unscrew the stock antenna and scew this bad boy in.. Would definately recommend.

  • Heather Polacek - my 8 year old daughter loves this. She's only ...

    my 8 year old daughter loves this. She's only had it since her birthday on Jan 23. it took some playing around with to figure things out. she's excited to use the alarm on it too so she can wake herself up in the mornings for school. She loves the camera and games and I have to remind her it's a game on that or computer, not both! I hope it lasts....i've read other reviews about battery not being able to be replaced but time will tell.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice case! Plastic is fairly slippery and power button ...

    Nice case! Plastic is fairly slippery and power button has popped out once. Other than that this is a great buy

  • Armin Nasufovic - An Awesome Giant Mousepad

    I have owned this product since about 2005 up to late 2009. My QcK+ has the old logo on it that is much less noticeable compared to this.

  • maxGamer - TacTrap Replacements

    Amazon isn't the cheapest place to get these, as you can readily find them at 14 bux per 2 pack elsewhere with free shipping, but the product is great! It's super sticky when it sits outside (don't brush against it!) and it catches any little bug that may happen to wander by, and a LOT of bugs do.

  • amaquin - Good, but Donald.

    Good story. Good acting. Good writing. Billy Bob being the confident tough guy is always satisfying. He reminds me of the actor from 50 years ago who says "of all the gin joints you came into mine".