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  • Desert Garden - Used this product for years

    I first used this product years ago when I lived in a low-income housing development that was rampant with cockroaches. It was the only thing that worked, but also I loved that it didn't have that pesticide smell that lingers and gives me a headache. I have continued to use it during the years. I prevent bug problems in the house by sprinkling insecticide granules around the foundation of the house and then I spray the thresholds of the doorways with Bengal. I also mist a little in the corners of the ceilings and rooms to prevent "cobweb spiders."

  • F.moroway - Its okay

    I bought slow flow to see if it would help with my long drawn out periods because they last for 6-8 weeks and it makes me very tired and unhappy. I took slow flow as directed on the bottle and it did somewhat stop the bleeding for week ahead of what i normally go through .However, i found that after an absence of my period for one week and two days ,I began spotting again This could be due to the fact that I stopped taking Slow Flow when I thought my period was finshed.I will start taking the pills again just to see any difference but so far i cant tell if its working

  • Shalonda Collier - Royal Majesty!

    This book was good from beginning to the end. I like Royal and Majesty together, but I see its going to be some mess in the game. I like that some of the old characters from Money and Montana made an appearance. Drake is silly as hell and Destiny is my girl. Great storyline, definitely will recommend. Great job!

  • Stephen H. Pray - I have owned four (4) Subaru Outbacks and have enjoyed them all

    I have owned four (4) Subaru Outbacks and have enjoyed them all. The 2016 is the best of the bunch. I am really satisfied with my Outback!

  • Amazon Customer - good to go though not the fastest

    Works pefect. If your puter fails to boot with this plugged in its due to you bios setting attempting to use it as the main drive. Change your bios setting

  • Kim61 - You will NOT be disappointed!!

    I read quite a lot of the "paranormal" romance books and I have to say that this one is very good, I was drawn into the story especially when Derek had shown a particularly "human" side to himself in chapter 20. I knew then that I was ensnared in Derek and Sofia's story and there was no turning back at that point...I had to hurry and download the next book before I even wrote this review, almost like I was afraid it would disappear before I could get to it, that should tell you something.

  • G. S. Peres - foul foul foul

    Growing up in South America, sometimes I had one of those emergency "nature calls" while in the road. Imagine that gas station, with nothing but the slimiest, dirtiest, most disgusting bathrooms, where the last 20 people to use it that day were overweight, hairy chested, mustached, wife-beater wearing men, filled with 3 pounds of pork and corn waiting to be slid out of their crap shoots. Now imagine all of those 20 guys didn't flush. That my friend, is Liquid Ass.