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سوله | جرثقيل | استراکچر | اروين ساخت سپنتا - درباره ما تولیدکننده سوله، جرثقیل، استراکچر، سازه فضایی و سیلو

Country:, Asia, IR

City: 48.8763 Ostan-e Hamadan, Iran

  • Nicole Love - Brand New

    I just received it in the mail yesterday. Took my 2 capsules last night and 2 today. We'll see if it works. Hope it does. I've used other brands before and they seemed to show some improvement but results didn't seem to last. Hoping the results will be noticeable with this and that they will last.

  • Jessster - Strong-smelling frizz control with some residue

    I've been using this product for about a month now, and don't love it or hate it. The smell isn't bad but it's strong, reminds my boyfriend & me of someone's family party with lots of older latina or middle-eastern women (we are both of middle-eastern descent). But those ladies have nice long shiny hair, right?!

  • Sandra Smith - Fantastic Books !

    The only problem with Craig Johnson and the Longmire series is that he doesn't write fast enough. I just wait for the next one. What I liked most about this particular book was it emphasized the friendship and relationship between Walt and Bear. I think the TV series has made a big mistake making Bear a very meek mild person....doing almost the same to Walt in series 5 and not using the main strengths of the book characters, that they are big in size, big in spirit and their relationship is close and permanent. Maybe it seems to be the general trend for charcters to be human and vunurable, but I prefer my Walt and Bear like they are in the books...bigger than life. I very much like this series.

  • Vanessa - I really like this multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women

    I really like this multivitamin for pregnant and lactating women. I just had my baby 3 months ago and I've never took a prenatal and I was pregnant with him. But my doctor said it was okay because I was eating every 3 hours (gestational diabetes) and getting my nutrients. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore and I have two babies under 3, I barely have time to feed myself. So I thought it might be a good idea to start taking a multi-vitamin or a prenatal. I love that these are non gmo and I get everything I need to fuel me to keep going.