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Inicio - Asegurar la estabilidad, integridad y funcionalidad ecosistematica que proporcionan beneficios globales y medios de vida sostenibles en la cuenca binacional del Río Artibonito

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • E.Reitz - Great low profile for multimedia artist

    I work from home with 3d animation and video editing software. These programs are extremely cpu/ram intensive and I can't work if my internet security slows my computer down. Webroot does what it should and stays out of the way.

  • cbokay - Excellent Blend of Health Promoting doTerra Essential Oils

    I bought this essential oil to help me lose weight. I add 1 - 2 drops each of Slim & Sassy, Peppermint, & Frankincense EOs to my beautiful necklace diffuser that I purchased here at Amazon. I also add Slim & Sassy with other EOs I use in my InnoGear electric diffuser, which I also bought here at Amazon. I don't know if Slim & Sassy is helping to curb my appetite. It's too soon to tell and I need to give it more time. I didn't put this weight on in a few days and I don't expect it to come off in a few. This EO has an excellent blend of other doTerra oils that can only help promote better health and wellness, so I'm going to give it 5-Stars.

  • Teri - WHAT JOKE!!!!

    IF you can get it on and pulled up you might stand a chance...rolling it up over your butt isn't as easy as the video says it is and taking down over your head is impossible....once it's ALL under your boobs because you have to roll it up over itself in order to get it on, you now have to figure out how to get the waist band back down around your hips, (the thin band down)...if you can get it down to your hips...you now have to figure out how to get it to stay down around your hips, problem is, it pinches so tight it bruises ya...walking around for 10-15 minutes with this thing on was soooo uncomfortable that I decided to send it back after just one try....What they need to show in the videos is how someone with size to start with should get into it, pull it up and then work through the 10 minutes they recommend that we wear it for ....Starting out with the person that is already a size 2 makes anything look easy to do...HUGE WASTE of MONEY!!!! I will be sending this back on a fast track to their warehouse....

  • Noah Burt - Very fun retelling of the Jurassic Park film series with LEGO and Traveler's Tale's signature fun gameplay

    The streak of very fun LEGO adaptations continues with LEGO Jurassic World. My seven-year-old daughter and I love exploring the islands and finding and playing with all of the dinosaurs.