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  • Amazon Customer - Supple works for me and my wife

    I was given about ten cans from a friend while working on a job out of town. I tried it and seemed to feel better soon after drinking it after a hard days work at age 65. The friends said it didn't do anything for them but it works wonders for me! I have been taking it for two years now and even though I work as and electrician, climbing and cutting etc. I seem to have much better movement than anyone I know my age. I have given it to about ten people and only about half seem to benefit. I had a friend at church that said his mom, mid seventies, could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I brought six cans to him and told her to drink one in the afternoon or evening before a meal. He was so excited , he said his mom got up out of bed a few days later and realized she hadn't been able to do that! She bought a subscription and has done a lot better.

  • M. Thompson - Good apple juice, fresh and not distressed merchandise

    Arrived fresh within a couple of days of my order -thanks to Amazon Prime. Sweet and delicious when it;s cold, I had it for breakfast every day and have loved this brand for decades. (No I don;t work for Motts or the seller ).

  • Pamela U. Moore - This will go to work with my husband

    As with the Wall Calendar, I also purchased this for my husband. He likes to take it to work; if there is one that he thinks is really funny, he brings it home for both of us to enjoy. Amazon was the only place I had time to find one, and the price had gone down right before I ordered it. If you want a daily chuckle from the cartoons, get this.

  • JoeG - Unforntunately it didnt work for our cat

    I believein homeopathic treatments but our cat's hyperthyroid condition didn't improve after 3 months and we had to go back to the vet's prescription medication to bring the thyroid back under control.

  • R. J. Whitaker - Ending Support is One Thing but Disabling is a Crime!!!

    I have seen (and produced) a lot of software in my days and have seen lots of old versions of software go off support as the newest ones were released but I have never seen a company that would so blatently force users to upgrade at that point. I have done enough programming to realize there comes a time when some things created 3 or 4 releases back are different enough that it no longer makes sense to provide technical support specifically for that release. Also there are times when changing file structures or changing formats required by outside software interfaces can render the old release unuseable. However, these cases are usually rare. Most programmer/analysts will do their very best to make everything backward compatible. But it somehow appears that, magically, every time Intuit issues a new release, exactly at the moment that occurs, the software three releases back no longer works with an outside interface such as that of a bank download. Come on now, do all the banks suddenly change their specifications for a simple transaction download and do they coordinate so they can do this everytime Intuit issues a new release?? The answer is pretty obvious and it really makes my blood boil! Unfortunately, I don't have the time currently to transition to another software and so Intuit has me trapped. I will move away from QuickBooks as quickly as it becomes possible and I would recommend that others steer clear so they don't fall into this trap! What a shame! Quickbooks is generally a good product but Intuit needs to change their underhanded business practices if they want to have a satisfied customer base.

  • Amazon Customer - Waste of money

    I have one in each of my cars. I haven't been able to track the cars for three days. Waste of money?

  • Hans Loeblich - Awful pre-cured putty

    Unusable, I tried using this about a month after ordering it. The material seems partially cured though far from expiration date listed on the packet. The consistency is slightly crumbly and if you fold it over it doesn't even stick to itself, really doesn't stick to anything at all, feeling quite ripped off right now.