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EHR, PM, RCM Solutions | Aprima - Aprima’s electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle (RCM) solutions are flexible, customizable and made to work the way you do—whether in the office, on the road or at home.

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 For Immediate Support, click here to login to the Customer Support Portal. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 866-960-6890, Option 1 or email us at [email protected]
  • https://www.aprima.com/our-difference Top Ranked EHR, PM and RCM Solutions | Aprima - Count on Aprima’s responsive and agile EHR, PM and RCM solutions and support
  • https://www.aprima.com/speed-and-efficiency Fast and Efficient EHR | Document Visit in Real-Time | Aprima - Aprima’s fast, flexible and adaptive tools drive speed and efficiency at the point of care.
  • https://www.aprima.com/training-implementation EHR, PM and RCM Training and Implementation Services | Aprima - Aprima works as an extension of your practice, providing end-to-end training and implementation to get you up and running with minimal disruption.
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 At Aprima, our passion for our customers drives our Customer Support excellence. Our clients continue to comment that we stand out from the crowd because our level of support is unmatched.
  • https://www.aprima.com/affiliations Affiliations | Aprima - Industry Affiliations Even the most brilliant physician can’t do it alone, and neither can we. Aprima and its staff are members of the following organizations that help us stay fully abreast of all the latest healthcare-related developments and news, from market trends to technological breakthroughs to regulatory requirements:
  • https://www.aprima.com/awards-and-recognition Awards and Recognition | Aprima - Industry Awards and Recognition Aprima has a long history of industry recognition for product quality, usability and speed of documentation. Our customers back up these achievements. To see what they say in their own words, take a look at our dozens of case studies.
  • https://www.aprima.com/solutions Solutions | Aprima - Aprima’s innovative solutions are designed to be flexible, customizable, streamline workflows and improve efficiencies.
  • https://www.aprima.com/mobility Mobile EHR Solutions for Medical Practices | Aprima - Aprima delivers leading-edge cross-platform technology designed to meet the needs of a mobile clinical workforce.
  • https://www.aprima.com/clinical-decision-support Real-time Clinical Decision Support | Aprima - Keep patients healthy and out of the hospital with real-time alerts that help ensure treatment adherence and compliance with best practices.
  • https://www.aprima.com/integrated-inboundoutbound-faxing Integrated Inbound/Outbound Faxing | Aprima - Cloud Faxing Technology Like Never Before
 Kno2 and Aprima have come together to bring a cloud fax solution, like none other, to Aprima’s customers. Kno2’s technology addresses the long-standing obstacles that healthcare providers everywhere have continued to face with fax...from technical challenges, to expensive fax fees, to lack of efficiency and integration… Kno2 addresses it all!
  • https://www.aprima.com/clinical-analytics EHR Clinical Analytics | Aprima - Aprima’s proven clinical analytics suite is browser agnostic and mobile friendly, so you can track daily practice performance anytime and anywhere.
  • https://www.aprima.com/patient-centered-medical-home Patient Centered Medical Home | Aprima - Aprima helps practices achieve Medical Home status by integrating patient care, EHR technology and information exchange to create a more efficient, effective organization.
  • https://www.aprima.com/payer-government-initiatives Software Solutions for Payer and Government Regulations | Aprima - Count on Aprima’s long history of meeting government certification and regulatory mandate helping to maximize your revenues and avoid penalties.
  • https://www.aprima.com/eprescribing E-Prescribing Software | Secure Electronic Prescriptions | Aprima - A more accurate, secure way to transmit your patients’ prescription information.
 Aprima’s electronic prescribing, including controlled substances, offers a more accurate, secure way to transmit your patients’ prescription information. This enables you to streamline your practice’s workload with electronic refill requests, automatic medical history retrieval and eligibility information.
  • https://www.aprima.com/practice-management Medical Practice Management Solutions | Aprima - Aprima’s proven PM solution offers smart, flexible and intuitive tools that deliver better, faster reimbursements and improved staff satisfaction.
  • https://www.aprima.com/task-management Task Management | Aprima - Aprima streamlines and automates workflows, so your office staff can increase their productivity without increasing their hours.
  • https://www.aprima.com/billing-and-collections Medical Billing and Collections | Aprima - Aprima’s innovative Practice Management (PM) technology helps providers get paid better and faster while improving the patient experience.
  • https://www.aprima.com/patient-communications Better Patient Communication | EHR Portals | Aprima - Aprima offers a suite of tools designed to improve front- and back-office care coordination and communication.
  • https://www.aprima.com/business-analytics Business Intelligence Solutions for Medical Practices | Aprima - Aprima’s proven business analytics suite is browser agnostic and mobile friendly, so you can track daily practice cost and profitability anytime and anywhere.
  • https://www.aprima.com/revenue-cycle-management RCM | Revenue Cycle Management Solutions | Aprima - Aprima RCM combines leading edge technology with high touch services to seamlessly manage your practice’s entire revenue process.
  • https://www.aprima.com/credentialing Credentialing | Aprima -  **Credentialing Services Now Available**
 Aprima is introducing Credentialing Services to assist practices with new and ongoing credentialing needs. Our team of credentialing specialists have extensive experience to ensure your credentialing needs are handled timely and accurately.
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  • Jodi Stopyak - Amazing!

    This is amazing! I've struggled with folliculitis for years. The antibiotics, washes and creams did nothing on my chest cod back. After using this for one week, the redness and bumps are almost gone! It smells like tea tree oil to me and goes on really smooth. It's a bit greasy, but that is something I'm willing to deal with.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent advice of great value for planning and traveling

    Rick Steves has provided us excellent advice on other trips as well. If only there were a way to see the maps better in the Kindle edition.

  • Kyle - Good case - new favorite

    This is one of the only white cases I've had that hasn't yet turned yellow from use. I assume it will eventually but so far so good after a few months. The bottom rubber is starting to slightly peel from the rough use but this case has outlasted all the similar ones I've used so far.