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  • M. Dog - "She was being crushed. Not all at once, but slowly . . ."

    Reading the reviews of this book, I expected a thrilling, well-told adventure. It exceeded my expectations and, like many other reviewers, I found that after a certain point in the book I simply couldn't put the book down. It would have been like leaving those brave men alone in the freezing ice and water. The events described in this book are so well known, suffice to say this is the story of Earnest Shackleton's 1914 Arctic expedition, in which Shackleton and his men hoped to cross the continent on foot. They never even made landfall, and their ship was trapped, and then slowly crushed in the ice. Thus begins the incredible story.

  • Stephen N. Shields - It's a SCAM.

    It's widely advertised as $19.95 but - we discovered - in the fine print they charge you over $300. Getting the return authorization took about 15 minutes, 2 representatives, and a hold. Don't purchase!!!

  • Andy the Saint - Good N Natural - 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil - 2 oz not as expected.

    I bought this thinking that I'll save some money but the oil does not smell as tea tree oil seem like it's a weak diluted oil. I usually buy the tea tree oil from Plant Therapy (also Amazon) and can tell that it is strong and it's a real deal. I found that pharmaceutical grade is the oil that they can add or take out things to fit the specification but therapeutic grade usually pure oil.

  • Ameer M. - Does what it needs to do.

    I probably spend more time with this book during my studies for the USMLE than anything or anyone else. All thought there are lots of mistakes, the general concepts are there and help greatly.

  • Amazon Customer - The Ambassador of Australian Dream Cream

    It's so good that I will give you your money back, and that's a Guarantee !!! Got a pain, strain,scratch,sore muscles,swollen knee pain,toe pain,lower back pain, _ you just simply not feeling good, just rub it on and the dream of relief began- Paradise is on the horizon !!! I Guarantee It, Everywhere I go through the highways, byways, on my job, in drug stores when I see persons looking at the pain medicine I walk to them an recommend the greatest pain reliever that I have used in forty years, -My daughter has helped many of her colleagues who stands for the good part of their day teaching, many of her friends at the gym, I preach about it in the pulpit to the church members, She even made the Australian Dream Cream her screen page on her phone, computer, now she's having her T-shirts made with the dream cream picture on it, I just need to let you know that it's a Miracle!!, a Miracle!!. Thank you, so much . I've appointed myself as the "Ambassador" of your product.

  • Buffalo Frank - Rainbow colored fun?

    there comes a time in ones life when they ask a simple question. Why? I asked myself that question one week ago this very night. Why did I not read the reviews before ordering these gummi seeds of Satan?? What started out as nothing more than my ordering something to munch on while watching the football games turned into 2 days of intestinal terrorism.