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BiomarkerBase - The Leading Biomarker Database - Amplion makes BiomarkerBase, the Clinical Biomarker Knowledge Base, which gives you strategic control of the complete clinical biomarker landscape.

  • http://www.amplion.com/biomarker-trends Coverage of the diagnostic, life science and biopharma industries - Industry coverage of the competitive analysis, competitive intelligence, research and strategic use of biomarkers, molecules and molecular targets.
  • http://www.amplion.com/biomarkerbase/learn Learning/Resources - Learn how Amplion provides easy target identification, biomarker competitive intelligence, and business development opportunities for biotech.
  • http://www.amplion.com/inthenews Latest news from Amplion, publishers of BiomarkerBase - Providing biomarker intelligence for busy professionals. From drug research and discovery and companion diagnostic development to patient care, Amplion understands that biomarkers will drive personalized care
  • http://www.amplion.com/download-the-companion-diagnostic-biomarker-trends-report Download the companion diagnostic biomarker trends report - Do you understand the rapidly evolving companion diagnostic biomarker landscape?Our free report breaks it down in detail for test and drug developers
  • http://www.amplion.com/contact-amplion/ Contact Amplion, makers of BiomarkerBase™ - Biomarkers are the key to delivering on personalized medicine. We make BiomarkerBase™ the complete knowledge base for clinical biomarkers.

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