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  • Alvin - More than meets the eye

    First, a disclaimer. I currently do not sell the product, so I will give you an honest neutral review. I do love this product...I am medically classified as morbidly obese, although I am in good shape, I still wanted to lose the belly fat. Heard about it from about 20 different people, thought i'd give it a try. First and foremost, I have to say that this is not a lose fat fast fad diet. It's a lifestyle change, and yes you can get results by counting calories, but believe me this is far easier. I spent 3 months using myfitnesspal on my android/iphone and according to what I inputed, the app said I was starving myself. That coupled with my aggressive workout routine via personal trainer, I should've lost about 30 lbs...when in fact I only lost 15, which is great...but it seemed I was missing something with the calorie counting because it did say I was in "starvation mode".

  • Yaneida Gutierrez - A Miracle in a bottle!!!!!!!!!!! Infinity Starss!!

    After I severely damaged my hair with bleach I dyed it black to make it appear somewhat healthy. My hair was so thin i was scared to do anything with it cuz it constantly broke :(

  • sochimickey - This seems to be working. I lost weight and ...

    This seems to be working. I lost weight and my butt with it. After taking these, I've noticed that the overall size and roundness has increased without really exercising. They seem to help my body store fat on my back side first instead of going straight to my stomach area. No negative reactions or side effects so far.

  • TastyWhale - Very enjoyable, good summary of all the plot and action points in the movie.

    I bought this for my two nephews but wanted a copy for myself too. I've since quickly surpassed my nephews' achievement points in the game :)

  • Artur B. Adib - So simple to install, great customer support

    Very pleased with the whole thing, from opening the package and seeing how easy it is to install the sensors to the quick availability of customer support - no B.S.

  • LizT - So glad I tried this.

    After years of fighting my toe fungus, my aunt recommended this treatment. Before this I had gone to the podiatrist where they offered me a prescription that might affect my liver or heart (no thanks, plus I was trying to get pregnant) and they ended up giving me a treatment nail polish that didn't work at all.