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  • Katia - Greatly improves your immune system

    I suffer from IBS and Chronic Diarrhea, therefore there are many things I cannot eat. Unfortunately, some of the things that upset my stomach are fruits and vegetables. I was concerned about leaving these out of my diet, so I visited a natural nutritionist to see what he would recommend. He told me about juice plus and I started taking them immediately. I have been taking them a little over two years now. The biggest change I noticed is that I hardly ever get sick. I work with small children and used to get a cold at least three times a year. I think in the past two years I only had a very mild one and that's it! My husband has been taking them for over a year and has noticed the same thing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to boost their immune system. They work great for us.

  • Sarah Raines - Go for it! A great challenge to stop an addiction you didn't know you had!

    So, I am on day 9 of the 10 day detox. I really like it. I will continue it in a modified version. I feel really good. Amazing how much your taste buds change when they are not addicted to sugar! Really, I would not have believed, in fact, I would have rolled my eyes at it. But, wow! I have enjoyed the challenge of the program...though I must admit...weekends are the real challenge! They are not make for detoxing...but we survived! Thanks for laying out the steps and making clear then benefits! I will certainly recommend this book to anyone!

  • LoS Fam - 4th Grader loves it

    Purchased for 4th grader who loves to learn random facts and interesting tidbits. This book is full of color pictures and hundreds of records that vary from interesting, mundane, to extreme. It is a good conversation piece and our friends and family like browsing through it when they visit.

  • Gerald Maxwell - Misleading picture

    Good product. However picture is misleading. You get one DVD in a DVD case. That is it. Nothing else. The picture has the appearance of a box with maybe even a book or chart - yet only 1 DVD. other than that good product.

  • madeleine gallay - Reynolds classic aluminum foil that tears from the roll beautifully

    Reynolds, the classic aluminum foil and perhaps the easiest to tear evenly. I keep a cookie sheet lined with this in the oven and can put potatoes to bake directly above that and no mess. I also have wrapped more than a few presents in this, carefully as it is easy to wrinkle and it looks very festive and can do unusual shapes quite well.

  • Crystal Brown - Loved it

    I love the whole series but why did my man almost die. I was hurt I wanted to kill Robert And Macy my self another great book.