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  • Jennifer - Honest opinion about the product - did not purchase here

    Regarding the product itself, I have used the cream foundation and it's okay, but I like the powder compact much better, and the liquid foundation is out of this world. The tricky part is figuring the right color for your skin tone but I have found that even shades that are too light or too dark for me are easy to blend in and can work well. I have used Scarlet and Organza cream, and Chiffon and Organza powder (amazing coverage and sweat resistant), and now I'm using Velour liquid, which is a medium light shade which would normally be good for my skin lightness, but it's really for yellow undertones and I have pink. If you have pink undertones, light/medium skin and looking for a good compact, I highly recommend finding a Younique presenter in your area and getting the Organza powder compact... especially if you live in a warm climate or prone to oily skin and acne. There are ways to get discounts or free products so look into that! P.S. the real compacts are only 32+tax/shipping - not this expensive as advertised here.

  • Ian Kiddo - Not a sneaker buyer

    These are some nice sneakers and I cannot compare to many others since I don't often wear sneakers, but I'm really happy with these they seem to block moisture with a water resistant material yet they aren't noticeably too warm. I will get much use during most of the year with these. I have owned some Nikes classics that were good, and some Addams that were fine but both were border on uncomfortably tight, while these are comfortably snug with plenty support.

  • Dianela M. Evarts - Short Hot and steamy!!

    Oh my... this short story was defintely a treat... A hot and steamy Halloween Treat... Raven is his nephew's teacher... and from the moment he set his eyes on her he knew she was the one for him... making his nephew his wing man he has finally landed a date with her.. she is his.. The Harley to his Joker.. the other half his heart and he plans to show her every day...

  • Brian D. Becker - Do not waste your time and money

    This is the third version of Roxio I have purchased (now at NXT) with the hope that it might some day actually work. I have a computer built just for this type of photo album and slide show presentations but the product continues to not work. It freezes up constantly and is difficult to use.

  • simmentalover - I love the program

    I love the program, although I STILL cannot figure out how to build the roof, and the engineers didn't like it, so I still had to hire an architect, but this program has defiantly helped me plan for all areas of the home! I liked it so much I bought another year of it. I was able to send it to the architect for him to build from. I never could get it to send well through email though.

  • Michael Friedlander - GOT PANDA SPAM???

    The ads are for panda products, encouraging me to renew now, and save 20%. These spam ads are coming from one place only: Panda Security.

  • Ron Baker - Epic destruction

    Excellent action and special effects are front and center in this tension filled global disaster film. The action is big and starts early in the story. Grand, epic events unfold at a breakneck pace and it is all very well done. If you like big summer popcorn flicks you will love 2012.