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Home - Aeronaut Automation manufactures computer controlled automated cutting systems for industrial, recreational and technical textiles and composite fibres using laser, ultrasonic, rotary blade, crush cut and reciprocating blades. Aeronaut specialises in wide span, flat bed cutting systems and offers a range of single and multi-tool cutters featuring simple, rational engineering. Future proof machines with the best performance and reliability.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • a.m.a - Great

    Combined with another hair products,, i have notice regrowth on my hairline and back.I don't know which of these products specifically or what combination is what's helping me get my hair back, but I am not willing to risk cutting any one of them and losing all the progress made so far.

  • Brian Roy - Sideline approved. Worked great...

    Got to use these this weekend watching a soccer game in a consistent, cold rain. Jacket worked great, and even while sitting down did not bleed through at all. Was able to wear over my sweatshirt... They are not insulated (what I wanted) so should also work in warmer weather. Paired with the black Precip pants kept me 100% dry. Very good hood design that folds under collar....didn't use an umbrella. Again, it was about 48 degrees and windy so need sweatshirts under for insulation. I bought specifically to have in car to watch kids play sports, and they worked and fit perfectly, and expect same in warmer weather too. 6"6", 250#, and both jacket and pants in XXL fit great, with or without sweats under... Jacket is nice and light as a windstopper too. Very happy with first experiences.

  • lianzon - Helpful in fungal infection

    Bought this for my dad. It helps in relieving the tiny red patches on his back. It leaves his skin a little bit dry but it does help in relieving the itch and speeds ip healing together with his prescribed ointment.

  • Rosanna Juncos - Pushy scam artists lie, swindle and steal

    I almost bought this item yesterday, after being conned into stopping at their cart at the mall. This young man asked me a question in order to get me to stop, then gave me a sampleI to keep me there. You would not believe the cons and lies he told me! SUPER pushy! Tried to sell me tis product for $80! Then told me if I bought another item for half price, he would give me the first one free. So I thought I'd go ahead and try it. Tried to pay, but he would not let me go, holding my card and trying to keep pushing more products on me. He was also purposely trying to confuse me, offering me this or that for free if I bought that, then offering me another for another discount. (and I am talking "discounting" from $80 to $50). Also, used the tired old line "Because I like you and you seem like such a nice woman.." Oh brother. THERE WERE NO MARKED PRICES anywhere, not even a "menu" you could look at or take home. Obviously, it was a way of making the con easier. I kept telling him my kids were waiting for me at a store, but he would NOT charge me and let me go! I finally bought one other product (I get panicky at the mall and he wasn't helping) just to get the hell out of there. Two minutes later I realized I had been totally conned into buying stuff I don't even need, so I went back and tried to return them. He said he couldn't! They were facial products and may have been contaminated or already used. This was TWO MINUTES after I bought them! NO SIGN to tell you there are no returns, either. I finally had to get really, really mad, and then he treated me like I was being unreasonable and professed not to understand why I was so angry. I tried to tell him, nice at first, that I simply could not afford his stuff, and I was I needed my money for rent, and that he was being pushy and had kept me there entirely too long. He kept offering excuses and taking his time and acting as if he was insulted and I was nuts. When I sent one of my girls to get the map cops, he al of a sudden decided he could indeed give me my money back. It took about 1/2 hour to make my return, first offering me a "receipt" that had only $0 on it! Not itemization, no amount I was being refunded (he said the computer wasn't working, so for my convenience he just gave me an empty receipt). When I scoffed, he acted as if I had offended him and his integrity. I ended up at this stall for over an hour, the whole lime pleading with him to please let me go! When he finally did, my girls heard him call me a crazy b--ch. Funny thing was, I was going to keep one of the products, but after his rudeness I ended up giving it all back. Glad I did, 'cause it sounds like they are also a con. STEER CLEAR when you see them at the mall!

  • Palmer227 - Priceless!

    We signed up for the free offer, but after listening to the discs of James and co., working in the workbook and implementing these practices with our 5 young children, I didn't feel right getting it for free. The program is magnificent. I'd recommend it to all. Now is it going to be made available in Spanish?

  • Ed Bannon - Great small biz scanner

    The Neat document scanner has helped me clear the clutter off my desk. A lot of it is still virtual clutter within the Neat program, but at least it's digitally searchable clutter. I would recommend this system to anybody.

  • layesica - I also have some great genes that are keeping me youthful

    I was buying this from someone at work at full price, but these appear to be legit plus are half the price of buying from your local Mary Kay lady. I do see a difference in my skin. I also have some great genes that are keeping me youthful, so mileage may vary. I use these with the TimeWise Moisturizer, but use an all-natural face wash (not part of the MK line).