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Adlego Biomedical | Pharmaceutical drug development - We are a team of professionals with long time experience of in-vivo pharmacology and toxicology. We assist pharmaceutical companies in their endeavours to find

  • http://www.adlego.se/about-us/ About Us | Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Adlego Biomedical AB is a privately owned company which is focused on drug development. We are not liaised with any pharmaceutical company or other CROs,
  • http://www.adlego.se/news/ Latest News from Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Keep up to date with our everything that's happening with Adlego Biomedical AB. Latest boi medical news, articles and publications from Adlego and around the
  • http://www.adlego.se/publications/ Publications and recent projects | Adlego - Because we work under CDAs most of our work cannot be published. Fortunately, some recent projects in which our CEO participated have been published and are
  • http://www.adlego.se/services/ Services offered by Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - We perform the standard studies required to document the effect of new drug candidates and we are always interested in adding new effect models to our portfolio
  • http://www.adlego.se/contact-us/ Contact Adlego Biomedical AB | Adlego - Contact us for more information. Tel: + 46 (0)733 42 17 37, Email: [email protected] or use our email form.
  • http://www.adlego.se/553/kanceras-hdac6-projekt-tilldelas-anslag-fran-vinnova/ Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova | Adlego - Pressmeddelande Stockholm 2015-06-12 Kanceras HDAC6-projekt tilldelas anslag från Vinnova Kancera har av Sveriges innovationsmyndighet VINNOVA tilldelats
  • http://www.adlego.se/545/the-true-value-of-a-good-partnership/ The true value of a good partnership! | Adlego -   Urban Hoglund met Ari Tolonen, who is the CEO of Admescope, at the Nordic Life Science Day event in 2012. Admescope is a Finnish CRO that provides
  • http://www.adlego.se/534/drugs-for-treatment-of-colorectal-cancer-identified-with-use-of-three-dimensional-cell-culture-based-screening-was-validated-in-vivo-by-adlego/ Drugs for treatment of colorectal cancer, identified with use of three-dimensional cell culture-based screening, was validated in-vivo by Adlego! | Adlego - Drugs for treatment of colorectal cancer, identified with use of three-dimensional cell culture-based screening, was validated in-vivo by Adlego. http://www
  • http://www.adlego.se/520/successful-lakemedelseventet-2015/ Successful LÄKEMEDELSEVENTET 2015! | Adlego - On Wednesday 22nd April in the afternoon, Adlego Biomedical were part of the Läkemedelseventet 2015. About 50 delegates were present who enjoyed listening to
  • http://www.adlego.se/523/is-there-a-need-for-virtual-pre-clinical-cros-vcro-to-support-the-life-science-industry/ Is There a Need for Virtual Pre-clinical CROs (vCRO) to Support the Life Science Industry? | Adlego - Pharma companies need in-vivo pharmacology and toxicology supplied by professionals. Virtual contract research organisations might be the future of drug
  • http://www.adlego.se/118/mass-spectrometry-of-macromolecules/ Mass spectrometry of macromolecules | Adlego - Data on the use of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in conjunction with in vivo studies of macromolecular drugs are scarce. The present study shows the
  • http://www.adlego.se/122/multigene-hiv-vaccine/ Multigene HIV vaccine | Adlego - It is likely that gene-based vaccines will enter the human vaccine area soon. A few veterinary vaccines employing this concept have already been licensed, and a
  • http://www.adlego.se/124/in-vivo-electroporation/ In vivo electroporation | Adlego - The mechanisms by which in vivo electroporation (EP) improves the potency of i.m. DNA vaccination were characterized by using the hepatitis C virus

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