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  • Damian Green - Fun but complicated.

    I used to play Magic 20 years ago and wanted to introduce it again to my kids. One really likes it, the other not as much, but I think it is a pretty nice artistic and fun strategic game to play. Unfortunately there is a learning curve to this, you really have to pay attention as you read the instructions and there are a lot of rules on individual cards that are not very well explained and leave a lot of room for interpretation that can lead to arguments... If only this game had better rules defined for these weird circumstances searchable on line, then I'd give it 5 stars, but there are definitely a lot of awkward situations that come up as part of this game...

  • K. Caudle - TMJ relief

    I have a very severe case of TMJ, which up until recently, had been well controlled with oral NSAIDs. My mom, an arthritis sufferer in just about every joint, recommended this product to me. I know that it says do not put on the face, but I was desperate so I tried it... I am waking up with less pain than without them! I'm doing other things as well, but this helps the morning/overnight pain I get from my TMJ. I cut them in half so that I can concentrate the medication in the appropriate spots. This is not just icy-hot in patch form (they make those) this has actual NSAID medication in it. (Icy-Hot etc. do NOT have the NSAIDs associated with them.)