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ACHA WEB SITE - Sistema de gerencia de portales dinámicos y sistema de gestión de contenidos realizado por Contactar http://www.contactar.com.ar

Country:, South America, AR

City: -58.3817 , Argentina

  • William C. Elliott - Good Product

    I have used Kaspersky Internet Security for years and have never had a problem. I just install it and forget about it. I like being able to install it on up to three PCs, and I don't have to buy Anti-Virus software separately; it's included with this product. Also a great price. I plan to renew my Kaspersky subscription every year -- if it's not broke . . . .

  • Rebecca King - Don't Waste Your Money!!

    There's not much in this world I love more than Ghostbusters, so, as a die-hard fan, I HAD to own a copy of Tobin's Spirit Guide. I read the poor reviews, and I shrugged them off. I wanted this book on my nightstand! Am I ever kicking myself now! The text is sometimes barely comprehensible. The font on the cover is blurry and pixilated. It just looks like some schmuck with a tenuous grasp of the English language slapped this together in his basement on a crappy printer. I will be returning mine and chalking this one up as a lesson learned!

  • Techie - Rocksmith 2014

    Not sure I will actually become a better guitar player because of this, but it is fun. I'm an older guitar player and wanted something to help me "re-learn" how to play guitar. It moves a bit fast for me at times, but it slows down to match your apparent speed. Only thing I don't really like is the on board guitar tuner... it moves too quickly from one string to another before I'm satisfied with the tuning. Then, when you're playing a note, it will often think you missed it, because the guitar is still out of tune. Now, I just make sure the guitar is tuned well before I start, and then stop the game if I need to retune.

  • Kathy O'Brien - It was brief love affair, then the honeymoon was over...

    I adored this thing... For about a month. After a month of bliss, it quit pairing and nothing I did would get it to connect, so I thought maybe I just had a bad one and decided to try another. Nope, that one didn't even make it a week before it wouldn't connect anymore. I am very bummed because I really did like this. The color is very unobtrusive, they give you a little case and about a million ear gels of different types and sizes, plus a second earphone that is wired, but none of that matters if the product lasts a month or less.

  • Marcia - goox tv witbout cable

    Got 38 channels after hookup. Network channels were what I was hoping for. One was a bit pixelated. Some good channels, some bad, but happy over all. Much better than payinv cable rates,

  • Amazon Customer - Egh. Nothing special. Someone told me they lost ...

    Egh. Nothing special. Someone told me they lost 35 lbs using this. But I think you nearly have to starve yourself to have that happen using this. There is no fiber or anything that gives this substance. Would not buy again. I think this product would be worth it if there was some magnesium or glutamine & creatine and some other helpful aminos that would at least help your muscles post workout.