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About Face Boutique--  Luxurious Skin & Body Treatments - Welcome to our online skin and body care emporium. The About Face Boutique is located inside of the Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Centre.

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  • Jay Castle - Might as well stare at a turd!!!

    I officially made it to 15 minutes. I do believe I could write a screenplay around someone taking a dump and it would be Oscar material next to this debacle. Time is the only thing in life we can never get back, don't waste it on this.

  • Ryan E. Adams - quick and easy install. youtube is a great thing

    quick and easy install. youtube is a great thing, especially when a friend does installs his first, so mine went quick

  • A.F. Shon - Good Cute Book

    I got the Halloween collection from this author through the free promotion and my son really liked it. So I checked out this collection. First I got the free sample and I liked that the stories were very wholesome, so I ended up purchasing. My seven year old son really liked that many of the stories have surprise endings, which makes it a fun read for kids.

  • airazedy - I love this thing

    I love this thing. I really do. I live in a studio in an old building and I kept seeing bugs: big beetles, centipedes, flies, and other creepy crawlers. But ever since I stuck this thing in the outlet, I have not seen one bug. No flies or gnats or spiders. Nothing. I stuck this thing in an outlet that was most central to my studio over a month ago and it works. I definitely recommend this.

  • restorationgirl - GREAT PRODUCT - let the wind and rain do the 'scrubbing' for you!

    Go online for directions from Wet and Forget. (Do NOT apply on windy day, in direct sunlight / high noon - I wait until evening.)

  • bender933 - Not a quiet machine, but works nicely.

    Not Quiet, but works pretty efficiently. Haven't used too many different heads yet because it is kind of a pain to drag it out from underneath the sink every time I want to use it, may end up keeping it on the back of the toilet. I have a small sink area and it is just too bulky. It seems to work okay and I took a hint from other reviews and add mouthwash to the water, leaves your mouth feeling sparkly clean.