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Male Stamina Health Center - Male Stamnia Health Center is a leader in the production of private label dietary supplements. We developed a new kind of man sexual enhancement capsules: VIQ. ViQ comes in a bottle with 12 golden capsules, each capsule contains 390 mg of active ingredients and it will work in just 45 minutes for some and for others 1-3 hours guaranteed.

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  • Claude Gauthier - Reliable hardware

    It works as expected and it is a very worthy investment to protect your equipment. I have 2 of these. One is used only for wireless modem and cable modem. The battery will last for more than 6 hrs in order to provide connectivity. Of course, the real test will be how long before I need to change the battery.... For now, its too new to know.. but if I can get 24 months of reliable battery performance, my review will stay at 5 stars.

  • G.B. - A must read if health/weight is an issue for you

    This is one, if not, the best books on diet and health that I've run across. Dr. Hymen walks you through the reasons that we can't lose weight or have health issues and continue and the reasons why we yo-yo up and down wilt health and weight, over and over again. His main emphases is on sugar, sugar substitutes, processed food - which by the way, if you pull out what you have in your cupboards and freezer, you will find either sugar or a sugar substitute in every box, can, bottle etc... I did this about halfway through the book and was totally blown away. There is now way the one can win over an addiction with sugar, you don't stand a chance. Like smoking, it is totally addictive. In studies, sugar is as, if not more than, addictive that heroin and it is insured that it is in most foods that we eat. Dr. Hyman's second strategy is to attempt to get his readers off of processed foods and back to eating fresh produce and meats. My wife and I started the detox fast and the emotional need for sugar has already subsided. Personally, my sleep is more sound, not waking up at night due to neuropathy, then trying to get back to sleep. My energy level is way up and My main interest in the book was for health issues, which he addresses well and my Wife's interest is for weight loss, not a problem of mine. Okay, I'm not a ghost writer for Dr. Hymen. I'm an individual that has been suffering health issues for the past 8 years and decided to take a chance on this book. From what I've seen and felt over the past few days, I see nothing but a positive outlook for the future. Thanks for reading.

  • pinkstars - horrible reaction

    I used this on my cat for the first time. He is lathargic, and has sores on his skin now. The spot where i put it is slimy and feels like grease. It has spread down his body. He has started to bathe himsself but stops so i guess he has gotten the taste in his mouth already. He looks very uncomfortable. It is now 7am i am calling my vet as soon as they open. I dont' know how to get it off of him as i can not give him a water bath he hates that as any cat would. I will never trust HARTZ products again. terrible they should take it off the market with as many deaths i have come across online this morning.... next time i do research before using a product....

  • Maurice S. Lau - Great Product That Works With Windows 7

    I brought this product because my old Peachtree Accounting Software is not compatible to Windows 7 64 bit. It is as good as the old product. The product itself in the accompanying CD is not compatible to Windows 7. However when you install the program with internet online, it will ask you to download files to make it compatible. Once it is done, the program works wonderfully. But it is a little slow every time when you open the program. When you are in it, everything is fine. This program has fewer options then the Peachtree Complete version. It does not has the fixed asset program if your company needs it. The payroll program is fine as long as you pay a premium to Sage company to update the tax rate information online. There are few changes from the previous version. You cannot change to another period if you did not reconcile you accounts. It does away the edit feature in the purchase/receive entry form. However you can still call up the invoices from the list button option and make change and save it. For a few month already, I did not find any conflict to Windows 7 and it is still working fine. If you do not need the fixed asset program or you have other fixed asset program on hand and your company is small. I highly recommand this product.

  • Jessica R. Lydon - great historical fiction

    Draws you in....finished in two days! Wish there was another to continue the story (or is there?)! Written in a way that feels personal.

  • Chaz D - The more expensive wall mounts are overkill!

    I rarely write reviews, but I have been installing HDTVs for over 5 years and I am constantly getting questions from people asking which wall mount they should buy. Without exception, I refer them to Amazon and Cheetah Mounts. I've used over a dozen of these mounts for installations, and other than the built-in level being NOT trustworthy, this is a great mount and should work for just about any TV in the 32-65" range. I have used this to mount anything from lighter LCD/LED displays to large heavier plasma TV's and it supports all of them just fine. I have also used other expensive wall mounts in the past and so I can provide a comparative review.

  • Robert Fisher - Lady Gaga in a lab coat

    Joanne is not on a level with either The Fame or Born This Way but it's not bad. It may be best understood as Lady Gaga doing musical experimentation. The results are more interesting than great and it does create curiosity about what she might do next.