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  • Sharmon Simonetti - This stuff is great.

    I love this shampoo/cleanser. My girl friend bought it for my daughter and I ended up trying it and loving it. I don't have curly hair, but I have annoying waves so this really helps to tame them. I just use this cleaner and rinse and I'm done. I don't have to use a conditioner anymore! Smells awesome and I'm addicted. I'll never use another shampoo.

  • Bill Haynes - It took me by surprise

    I had tried the Beta version but uninstalled that and went back to Word 2002, which I swore by. I decided to try the final release and was pleasantly surprised. I am working on a brand new book, and now I can find reference material with one mouse click. I have had no headaches at all with this fresh release. I am not impressed with the upgraded "find" feature but other than that once you learn how to navigate it is smooth sailing. Even changing template size on a document was easier than before. If there is any drawback to this latest version it is the new file format. Most publishers still ask for doc. files, which means using compatibility mode or saving as a doc file. They do suggest not saving old doc files in the new mode and they are correct. The formatting is ruined when you try that. There are also some new features that you cannot use while working in compatibility mode. I am finding Word 2010 to be quite an improvement over all. Two things I will share from experience. You have to entirely remove the Beta version to install from CD. It is also best to open Word first and then select your old doc file. Sometimes when you just click on a doc file it will open in read-only mode.

  • Dave - I had a Remington cordless that I relied on for years and was sad to see go

    Wow. I had a Remington cordless that I relied on for years and was sad to see go. If my scruff got long enough it would pull on the hairs which was unpleasant, even after new blades. I turned on this new one for the first time expecting some pull, but got none. It shaved every whisker off my face without issue. I ran the backside of my hand across my face to pick up any rough spots, as soon as I ran the shaver over those areas going against the grain it was razor smooth.

  • Altar Boy - Some Good Ideas . . . But Bad Implimentation

    If earth is the only stop then one has to question whether Christian morality has any merit or purpose at all. If Jesus was a myth created by men then perhaps Obama's relativistic belief in a world where man moves forward not backwards is logical, as social and economic progress and redistribution of wealth in a universe with no heaven may be the only reasonable path to achieve universal fairness. HOWEVER, if life on earth is part of a Divine Plan revealed by Jesus Christ, then social and economic progress and ownership of property needs to be made consistent with this Revelation. Because this book fails to conform to orthodox divine revelation it may be in some respects anti-Christ. It calls for action by MAN despite whether that action may go against the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit and His Church. The Amazon review of the book by "the young theologian" is a good point by point unraveling of what I'm talking about.

  • phatso17 - This planer is a little beast I've ran alot of ...

    This planer is a little beast I've ran alot of rough wood through it no sign of motor weakening or blade dulling yet.

  • Tiger Lily - Great for calming acne-prone skin

    I use this mask maybe several times a month, when my skin starts giving me trouble. It seems to calm my skin down, and bring it back to a neutral space. I have acne-prone skin that tends to be really dry, or really oily, depending on my hormones. Seriously, my skin is unpredictable. But when it does change on me, I always use this mask to calm down my skin. It's a nice smooth texture, and glides onto your skin so smoothly. I recommend this product!