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  • Amber McCardell - Pleasantly Surprised.

    I bought this for my morning breakfast at work and I was a little iffy about it because it is made with sucrose. I thought it would have that bad after taste that sugar replacements have. It does not and tastes really good. I drink it with water and it tastes like a nice not too thick shake. So far it has curbed my hunger until around lunch time. I'm still full so Ifar I do eat I eat a small piece of fruit or light snack. When I am done with this container I will try a new flavor next.

  • Craig O. - Nice

    Nice combination , great wifi all over my house now and thats not easy saying that I live in a log cabin and the logs seem to block out all other solutions that I have tried over the years

  • Wantenna - Great toy

    We liked this toy so much we bought two more and put them in our three Bluetooth-challenged vehicles. The USB port was a smart addition too. The only issue is that, somehow I occasionally put it into French language mode, likely a bump of some button or a combination. But, I can now speak French, or at least the word "Paired", so no harm.

  • Andrea Holden - Still under trail test period for me

    I'm still using Suki as Trial facial. I have awful skin since I was about 9 yrs old. I have cystic acne (usually only when I eat refined sugars), blackheads, scars you name it. I started using Suki products and used this tony for about 2 months now. I find that it helps only a bit when cleaning. It is best used with a cotton ball or swab to clean the pores. Spraying doesn't seem to do much except maybe help re-balance moisture after cleansing. I'm not sure I'll keep this part of my cleansing routine, its still under scrutiny.

  • AmyAmes - Won't connect, app is from China and customer service is worse than spam

    This is an update: the co-founder reached out to me by phone and email MULITPLE times to try to resolve the issue. When we finally set a day and time to discuss, she never called me. I dropped a very important work call to accommodate and it was disappointing when I reached out to her to tell her that I would be sending the unit back. She said she didn't have my info so that is why she couldn't contact me. I found that to be hard to believe since I've received multiple voicemails and emails from her in a span of a few days. I would not buy this or anything else from this company again.

  • ESL Teacher - There's No Tech Support

    There's no Tech Support available. The number I was given when I bought the system in May last year was 1-877-673-1161. When I call that number now, the automated system still identifies itself as Vipre Tech Support, but I am put on hold listening to music for several minutes. Then after that, even the music stops. No one ever answers. I also clicked the "Chat with Support" link and tried to get Chat support, but after waiting 3 minutes, the message came up "Our apologies, all our agents are busy chatting right now." This happened twice with the phone number and twice with the Chat link. So don't believe it when they allege that they provide Tech Support.