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  • Michael K. - Excellent stiffness, ventilation, reasonably comfortable

    I've cycled over 3000 miles in these shoes since I bought them in conjunction with Shimano Ultegra SPD pedals. I'm very happy with this combination and the shoes in particular. There are no significant signs of wear on the shoes as of now (half a year after purchase). The outsole is very stiff and supports excellent power transfer. I have wide feet and most cycling shoes get uncomfortable after the first 60 to 100 miles. It is similar with this shoe, but if I loosen the straps half way into the ride it usually works out quite well. I also bought the shoe at half a size larger than my regular shoe size. I've gone on 130 mile rides in these shoes without pain in my feet. I also love the ventilation system in these shoes. There is a hole at the bottom of the shoe underneath the toe cap. Even on the hottest days, the temperature around my feet remained comfortable. Of course, the hole in the shoe means that on rainy days your feet get wet sooner.

  • Katie - Great prep book - better than older version

    I have both the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Kaplan book, and while there are not HUGE differences, there are some. First, the PCAT format changed slightly starting July 2014, which isn't huge but the updated format is reflected here. Secondly, the organization of topics in this book seems slightly more logical to me than the older version.

  • Amazon Customer - Works under Windows 10

    I usually dont review something especially software until i have had it for a month. But since I am running Windows 10 I thought it prudent to offer my take on this products compatibility. Installation a breeze...i have always found downloads from amazon download center a little wonky but once i got to the actual product installation went in flawlessly. 24 hours in working fine and initial impression is it is not nearly as bloated as Norton which i have run for years. I will update it anything changes.

  • AgogoLive - Nothing beats the official release of TDF - 12hrs of the BEST footages from the BEST vantage points

    Nothing beats the Official SBS coverage of the Tour de France - 12hrs of the BEST footages from the BEST vantage points.

  • BodeMeister - Nice inexpensive urethane cover ball

    These are my favorite practice balls with the great feel of a urethane cover. Not as soft as Pro V's but they fly high and long. I prefer Pro V's but after my last tournament playing so well with these I may just switch completely. These are a bit more clicky on the putter but I can tell they don't spin as much as Pro V's. Try them out you'll be impressed.

  • JHall - Stable Mount But off Center.

    I purchased this mount for my 46", 26 pound, Samsung television. I have a single stud that is perfectly centered above the fireplace, so I needed a mount that would attach to a single stud. The mount installed easily, and the back plate (with the included brackets) installed perfectly to my 400x400 VESA television. After hanging the television to the wall, I was disappointing to find that when the TV is pushed all the way back to the wall, it is about 4-5 inches off center. In order to center the television over the fireplace, I need to extend the bracket about a foot off of the wall. It remains functional, but I'd rather have the television centered when it is pushed all the way back. If your mounting stud is 4-5 inches left of center, the television would mount perfectly.

  • AudiBmwJeep - First one lasted ten years, just know how to use it. Gaskets go first. Good tool

    August 11th, 2014 review update on Hoover Floormate: As those who have read the review below found, if one learns how to use the machine correctly, it is a wonderful tool for the price. However, I may have stumbled across the reason so many people had poor experiences with the machine, and why this machine does not pick up the water/cleaner mixture as well as the previous model. The issue appears to be the quality and installation of two rubber gaskets in the machine that are key to the removal of water during and after the scrubbing process. Our new model Floormate suddenly started putting out water on the tile floor and would not vacuum it up. So, though I like to think I've past my "Mr. Fix-it" days, I disasembled the machine. There were two gaskets that had flaws in them. One simply had too much "tag" (excess rubber that should be removed when it comes out of the mould). This excess on the top of the edge that was meant to be a water tight fit allowed little areas to not seal properly. The replacement I ordered also had the same tags and I simply trimmed it with a razor blade to allow a water-tight fit. The other main rubber gasket was actually broken or torn, I don't know how. I have not used it since doing the replacement of these two gaskets, but I imagine with these two critical parts either replaced or trimmed to meet what was originally spec'd by Hoover, the machine will work as well as the first one I had for a decade. Sadly, as happens with many companies that outsource manufacturing to Chinese companies, quality control is a problem, and there is really no legal recourse in China as there is here in the United States. So Hoover is sort of at the mercy of whomever they contract out the manufacturing. Which is probably why the Hoover website has so many used floormates for sale.