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The Oral Cancer Foundation - Oral and oropharyngeal cancer information - The Oral Cancer Foundation is dedicated to helping persons who face oral cancer. We provide vetted information, support, advocacy research... and hope.

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  • Boatdrinks - Good Casino Tips and Coupons

    I ordered this before a trip to Las Vegas last month and was pleased with the information and coupons inside. Many helpful tips and coupons for Vegas. The Ellis Island Brewery Coupons that we used paid for the book alone. I had no problem using the coupons - just tore out the ones I needed for the day and took those instead of carrying the whole book. I also took along the card that said you may have to show it to use a coupon, but I was never asked.

  • Ama-zona - Terrific watch for kids!

    OMG I did not know how great a gift this was going to be. Do buy the 2nd generation or beyond watch. Definitely look at this watch from a child's eyes and not from adult perspective as I think some reviewers have done. Also consider the price - the apps on this watch are not going to compete with a device like a tablet where you have so much more money invested. For the type product it is, the market it is made for and ultimately the low price you get it for - this watch is a great product.

  • PTodd - So Happy I Purchased!!

    I am truly amazed by this product! I was skeptical but being almost 60 I wanted to get back on track and was willing to try. Women of our age tend to gather weight in the mid section and I was wanting to firm it up. I use daily and have never felt any discomfort or soreness ever. I saw changes in just 5 weeks I used it! My job has me traveling weekly and I pack it with me and do my emails while wearing it. I can't say enough. The 20 minutes of aerobics I was doing did nothing for my mid section but with the belt I see definition already. I am so pleased that I added this to my exercise regime!