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Morgantown Orthopedic Specialist - West Virginia Orthopedic Surgeon - Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists, LLC, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, welcomes patients of all ages. We offer special expertise in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery. Dr. William Post's practice provides treatment for a number of sports related injuries.

  • https://wvortho.com/testimonials/ Our patients talk about their treatment - Patients share their experience with our orthopedic medical practice and the treatment they received at our Morgantown, WV offices.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists - About Our Office - Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Contact us for an appointment at our clinic in Morgantowon, WV.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-missi/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists - Our Mission - Our mission is to provide excellence in orthopedic medicine and surgery. We acknowledge that our ability to pursue this mission is a gift from God.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-provid/ The orthopedic providers at our Morgantown, West Virginia clinic - Doctor William Post, an American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Subspecialty Certified in Orthopedic Sports Medicine.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-provid/william-r-post-md/ Dr. William Post - Orthopedic Doctor - Doctor Post sees and treats a wide variety of sports and activity related problems as well as general orthopedic conditions. His practice includes a great deal of arthroscopy, knee ligament reconstruction and shoulder surgery..
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-provid/william-r-post-md/will/ Morgantown, WV Sports Medicine - Read our Doctor's elaborations on past and prior experiences in Sports Medicine.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-provid/william-r-post-md/best-job-world-watching-people-heal/ The miracle of watching people heal in our orthopedic practice. - Watch and listen to Dr. William Post discusses the healing process. Dr. Post treats orthopedic patients that have knee and shoulder pain from sports injuries.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-provid/william-r-post-md/dr-post-describes-what-he-does-his-practice/ Our provider in Morgantown, WV talks about what he does. - Doctor Post treats a wide variety of sports and activity related problems as well as general orthopedic conditions. Rotator cuffs, lateral tears and other conditions.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/office-infor/ Office Hours - Daily and Weekly Office Hours for our Orthopedic Clinic in Morgantown, MD. Dr. Post treats patients with knee, ankle, and joint injuries.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/billing-information/ Orthopedic Billing - Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists, LLC accepts all major insurance plans including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, HealthPlan, Carelink, Medicare and United Healthcare.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/careers/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists - Careers - Thank you for your interest in Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists, LLC. Resumes are accepted for current job listings only. Candidates should submit their resume and cover letter via email to [email protected] Be sure to indicate the position(s) for which you are applying. We will contact you directly for an interview if we determine you are a good fit for our practice.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/our-hospit/ Mon General Ortho Center - Orthopedic - West Virginia - Morgantown - Our doctor tells us what is special about the Ortho Center at Mon General located in Morgantown, WV, serving North Central West Virginia and the surrounding region.
  • https://wvortho.com/about/charities-we-support/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists - Charities We Support - For those thankful patients who might like to support organizations we favor, please consider the possibilities below. Donations are tax deductible for all these causes to the extent law allows in your individual tax situation.
  • https://wvortho.com/patient-inf/ New Patient Information for Orthopedic Patients West Virginia - Patient registration, information and appointments for our orthopedic Morgantown, West Virginia medical practice. Call 304-594-0456
  • https://wvortho.com/patient-inf/new-patient-informa/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists - New Patient Registration - By printing the New Patient Forms and filling them out prior to your appointment, you can save time at our office (these forms are in PDF format).
  • https://wvortho.com/patient-inf/office-infor/ Morgantown Orthopedic Office - Weekly Office Hours for the Morgantown Orthopedic Office. Dr. Post treats patients that managing pain from orthopedic injuries.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/ Orthopedic and Sports Medicine - orthopedic medicine educational information in Morgantown, West Virgina. Contact our office to make an appointment.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/httpswvorthocomorthopediceducationpatient-education-dr-post-2/ Cold Therapy - Learn more about cool therapy for post-up care after orthopedic surgery. Dr. Post in Morgantown, MD treats orthopedic patients with sports injuries.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/pain-management-ortho-surgery/ Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists :: Pain management in ortho surgery - Pain management in orthopedic surgery for sporths injuries to knees, rotator cuff, and joints. Vist our clinic in Morgantown, West Virginia
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/knee-and-shoulder-replacement-improve-quality-life/ orthopedic dr talks about knee and shoulder replacement - Orthopedic doctor explains how knee and shoulder replacement improve quality of life in our latest video. Orthopedic healing through non surgical and surgical means.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/shoulder-surgery-pain-not-so-bad/ Orthopedic Healing for shoulders - Orthopedic doctor explains how shoulder surgery pain is not so bad in our latest video. Orthopedic healing through non surgical and surgical means.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/pain-control-important-recovery/ How important is pain control important to orthopedic recovery? - Ouch! How do I control pain from my orthopedic surgery? We explain the importance of pain control to a swift and easy recovery from your orthopedic injury procedure.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/useful/ Useful Links to orthopedic organizations - Links to orthopedic professional organizations and orthopedic education resources. Sports Injury associations, Patellofemoral Foundation and othe useful resources.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/patient-education-dr-post/ Patient Education from our doctor - Our patient education presented here is for informational purposes only. Any decision you make regarding your options should be made after you consult a qualified physician.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/patient-education-dr-post/acl/ ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament - West Virginia Orthopedic - The anterior cruciate ligament is a frequently injured structure. This ligament can be injured during activities of daily living or more often during sporting or work type events. Injury can result from either contact or non-contact type injuries.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/patient-education-dr-post/meniscus-tea/ Meniscus Tear - West Virginia Orthopedic - The menisci are structures made of a material called fibrocartilage which serve as shock absorbers between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). The menisci also to help maintain knee stability and facilitate joint lubrication and normal knee function. Tears can occur in patients of all ages. Tears often occur with twisting type activities but the exact mechanism of injury can be quite variable. At times patients can not remember the specific injury which caused the tear.
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/patient-education-dr-post/anterior-knee-pain/ Anterior Knee Pain - Patellofemoral Pain - West Virginia Orthopedic - Anterior knee pain (often called "patellofemoral pain") can become a problem after an injury to the front of the knee or often it can come on more gradually. Patients with pain usually describe an annoying ache that is worsened with prolonged knee flexion, such as during a long car ride. Anterior knee pain is almost always activity related. It is often difficult for patients to walk up and down stairs without aggravating the pain. When it comes on slowly over time it is often related to include activity changes, training errors, weight gain, flexibility deficits, and relative weakness. Such weakness can be relative to the amount of activity that the patient is trying to do or it can come as a result of a general sickness that affects overall strength. Sometimes in children and adolescents rapid growth (height and weight) together with activity produces overload
  • https://wvortho.com/orthopediceducation/patient-education-dr-post/patella-dislocatio/ Patella Dislocation - West Virginia Orthopedic - The patella is held in its normal location by a combination of ligaments (ropes between the bones) and muscles. Normally ligaments prevent the patella from completely coming out of its groove (the groove is also called the trochlea). Muscle tension also helps to hold the patella in place and cause it to glide or "track" normally. When the patella slips out of the groove it usually does so in early flexion just as it has entered the groove. Patellar dislocations can happen with a twisting injury to the knee with the involved leg planted on the ground such as when dancing or during athletic activities. It can less often happen from a direct injury to the knee. Individuals with hypermobility (that is "loose joints") are at increased risk for patellar instability. Some patients also have a congenitally (naturally occurring) shallow trochlear groove that makes patellar dislocation more likely. And sometimes, the tendency for patellar dislocation runs in families.

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