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    Although the content of the book didn't surprise me, I was nonetheless impressed with the research and data the author provided. It is unfortunate that so much of our population has drifted away from some level of refinement to a much cruder behavior by many. One can only hope that things might shift back the other way someday...but I'm not going to hold my breath.

  • D. Baugher P. - Great for anyone that suffers from heartburn/reflux

    I have mostly reflux and this book has given me ideas of what to used during those times. I have never had surgery but have used rx for years with all of the big names. I believe this man when he says taking out acid over time can cause health problems. Again rx's will treat the symptoms but the patient will never learn the cause.

  • brian - Good Luck

    Followed directions to a "T", and even went beyond their 48 recommended hours and detoxed for 5 days. This was the 2nd product I tried with the first being the Detoxify Green Clean. Neither the Green Clean or Mega Clean worked for me. I don't think they come with a money back guarantee, so if you try these products I wish you the best of luck. They may work for some people, but just not this guy. Now I'm out roughly $100 between the 2 products.

  • Amy Sutton - Helpful for the small business owner

    Though I have lots of experience managing personal finances and software, figuring out Quickbooks was intimidating. This book gave me the accounting principles to finally understand what I was doing in QB, not just ham-hand my way through it! I had no experience or classes in double-entry bookkeeping and this was definitely something I needed to read.

  • SimpleLife - Great coach!

    I have previously owned or currently own a Fitbit, Jawbone and Moto 360. I pre-ordered the Moov Now because I was interested in the coaching aspect of it.

  • G.C. - Adobe gets the better deal

    There's no need to get every single menial update they come out with. I would previously keep my photoshop version for a few years before upgrading. The little periodic updates they give in return for your perpetual allegiance is a small gain for the consumer. Once they have enough subscribers what's the point of them continuing to offer service if everyone is already forced to use their product? Seems like the worst kind of monopoly plot. I understand they hate software piracy, maybe that's because the software is too expensive? When I was a recent grad and a freelancer I could never have afforded to pay for the software, I bought used cd's from ebay, but now everything is a digital download. Look at the pricing of Apple Final Cut Pro x in comparison, that is much more affordable for the young and new videographer.

  • Tiffany - good product!

    The purchase was great the shipping time was optimal, the product size is what it is supposed to be. It is exactly what I ordered. I'm just not exactly in love with the product--after conditioning my hair still feels a little dry. It's just my hair it's VERY thick and very coarse, I just need more than this. I love the lightness of it, I love the smell of it. over all a great product!