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  • Reijo Piippula - What's the Buzz...?

    I have to say that there's not many albums that have given me the feeling that this one has. My friend gave me this as a Christmas present. I thought that this one would be the one in which there was Ian Gillian singing. Well, it wasn't. But no problem. I think this is better-produced and better-performed than the original one. I say that Steve Balsamo is a great as a Jesus Christ. Just hear him singing "Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)" and you understand. It is much better than the original. I can sense the feeling Jesus had when He realized what kind of fate he had to face - to die on the cross eventually. Well, when Balsamo sings "See how I die, see how I die!" I am so sad I usually start to cry when I hear that. His vocals are amazing! But not to mention only one song...There's lots of more great songs and also Zubin Varla is great as Judas Iscariot, especially in the song "Heaven on Their Minds". Joanna Ampil can be heard as Mary Magdalene - and she has amazing voice - she is just perfect for this female part. There are lots of great performances here but I didn't like Alice Cooper so much as King Herod - his voice is very annoying in that song but maybe that was also the meaning. The story is more than just songs - it is a true story about our saviour which made us free if we just believe in Him.

  • Jessica Williams - One of the best for fine, thin hair

    I bought this for my 5-year-old daughter, who has very thin hair that is easily snarled and damaged. I researched a lot of products before choosing this one. We've definitely tried a few that haven't helped at all. Do not be deterred by the price tag here. This is a quality hair product that is working miracles on my daughter's hair. I was hoping it would smooth the hair and make it look less damaged. It does that, but it has also changed the texture of her hair. Now when I run my fingers through it (which I was previously unable to do), it feels like silk. The smell is amazing and the shine factor makes it well worth the price tag. LOVE this stuff!

  • speilgirl - Really love this one too!

    I'm very happy with this cleanser. It's not drying yet cleans my skin well. I had a sample size from Christmas and am very pleased with the full sized version. You only need a tiny bit as you add water so it also goes quite far.

  • Paulina - Great Side Effects!!!!

    I am actually posting this about my husband who is taking it… but interestingly enough he is not losing much weigh. So why the 5 stars? His mood is positive, upbeat and happy when he takes this pill in the a.m. and when he he doesn't he is in a foul mood. I always ask when he is cranky… did you take your pill and he says no! I can tell immediately when he has not taken it. I'm guessing it's the rhodiola in it which is an adaptogen. I would say that overall this reduces stress and gives you a better outlook on life and THAT is why it helps you to stay motivated to lose weight and take care of yourself. We tend to overeat when we are stressed and unhappy.

  • Robert Hardin - Fits Perfectly

    I have a 2013 CRV EX-L. I received my order yesterday afternoon and have to say that shipping was really fast, 2 days faster than the estimate and was in good condition when it arrived. My order did come with instructions, which were clear enough for me to install the bars in 15 minutes.

  • Allan Hensley - More power more mpg

    Definitely noticed the power difference with the Diablo tune. Gained about 2-3 mpg as well. very happy.

  • Shar - Amazing Product!!!

    I bought this for my then 2 1/2yr old who could not stay in bed until a decent time nor could he tell time. So this was the perfect clock, he loves it! Worked like a charm for him to understand when he could come out of his room and be up for the day. Easy to reset and set the time, plus it serves as a night light, highly recommend for those early rising kiddos!