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  • GilmoreGirl - Mostly fluff and conjecture

    I was very disappointed while reading this book. It starts out laying out all of the information from the beginning of time to the present day of antichrist legends, but as the chapters go on they start repeating themselves. I thought it was a problem with my kindle copy, but after browsing a physical copy at the store it became obvious that entire pages of earlier chapters were cut and pasted into later chapters as filler. By the end there is no new information, nor any answers to the questions the book claims to answer. You'd be better off googling the information for free than buy this book.

  • A.B. - Not Natural, But It Still Enhances My Curl Pattern

    My hair is relaxed; however, my curl pattern is so strong that a relaxer cannot full straighten my hair. That being said, I do not naturally have kinky hair except for my edges in the front - I have three grades of hair on my head which range from course in the front, to mega-wavy/curly in the middle crown area and almost straight in the very back near the nape of my neck. I like to use this when I go w/ my "natural" look and it really makes my hair soft and shiny will keeping a frizz free loose curl look. I use it directly after washing my hair while my hair is still soaking wet and I basically saturate my hair with the product and I think that's they key w/ this product in order to make sure it thoroughly moisturizes and doesn't flake.

  • Katie D. - Makes drilling a hole easy and dust free.

    This is a very well constructed tool that works great. I was able to drill a hole in seconds! It is easy to assemble, collects all the dust and debris from the drywall, and cleans up easy. I like that I can change the size should I need to. The storage box is also very well made, having fitted slots/holes for each piece. I was lucky enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

  • Michael Stwertnik - The box fits great but after only a few weeks of use the ...

    The box fits great but after only a few weeks of use the bottom started to separate from the top part. I thought my sub was blown at first because it would rattle and sounded terrible. Finally while messing around with it I felt air come out of the seem and realized it was separated. I guess I cant complain too much because of the price but I will probably be taking it apart and putting it back together with wood glue and screws.

  • M. Suddarth - Amazing

    I have purchased this oil 4 times over the past year and I am very pleased with the results. I am a 34 year old woman with fine curly ish hair that is highlighted. I struggled with breakage and limp hair after having babies close together. This stuff is amazing. It does not weigh my hair down and I think has prevented breakage. I have tried many products and this stuff is awesome.

  • DorothyJ - Felt like a scam to me....

    As another reviewer stated, to have this installed you have to wait for "tech support" to call. You are not given the option of self installation. I received the call, spent 30 minutes having someone with a heavy indian accent read from a script and attempt to install the program. Then imagine my surprise that while he could not install because "your computer has problems", he could transfer me to someone who could fix my "computer problems" and install the software. The software installation would be free but there would be a charge for fixing the "computer problems". This was totally scripted and any questioning resorted to him going back a line or two in the script and starting again. I will explore other options and consider this product a waste of time and money.

  • frankie - Buy from Amazon!!

    We recently ordered Zoobooks for our children from the Zoobooks Website. We thought it would be fun for out kids to learn about animals. However, since we placed our order it has been a nightmare. We were charged the day we placed the order, which was fine. However, two weeks later we were charged a second time. We have been trying for about three weeks now to get our money back, but no one has been able to help us. We faxed in a copy of our statement showing the two orders (like they asked us to). My husband then called a week later to ask about. The person he talked to told him to wait an additional 7-10 days for processing. When we called a week and a half later, we were told they never received the fax and that we need to fax it again. We are still waiting to get our money back. Save yourself the trouble and just order from Amazon.