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  • Searcher - Great razor with short cord.

    This is an excellent razor. Closest shave I've had in years. However be aware that it does have a short, coiled cord that sometimes comes out while shaving. You must stay close to electrical outlet.

  • L. Bennett - Intuit SUCKS!

    I have used QuickBooks for three years. After three years they no longer allowed me to download transactions from my bank without upgrading to to the 2016 QuickBooks. So I spent the $189 and upgraded but it works differently than it used to as far as downloading the transactions. I spent 40 minutes on the phone only to then have the technician tell me it would be $89 for him to go any further because they offer no customer service. What a RIP-OFF!!! First of all, what kind of company sells a product and doesn't offer some assistance to a new purchaser? Secondly, I explained at least 5 times to the foreign technician who spoke with such a heavy accent I could barely understand him but of course it is because Intuit outsources their work to India to save a few bucks, but why on earth could this man not tell me in the first 5 minutes that it would cost $89?? I am currently on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor who undoubtedly will be another thick accented Indian. I can't stand this company. Terrible customer service!! If there are other options out there, look for them.

  • Polly - Don't pass this one up!

    My 1st Subaru was an Outback. I used to drive low to the ground 2 seaters, e.g., MGB, TRs; the Outback actually corners as well as a one of those low slung sporty vehicles. I loved it. Got stopped a few times for speeding so for my second I got a Forester. Love it as well. My next care (If I live that long) will be another Outback. You cannot go wrong with a Subaru. Absolutely the best vehicle made.

  • Oma13 - with the edges slightly uneven and 'worn' looking that makes it appear like ancient tome

    This book is a blast The cover is rich and the pages have an 'antique' look and a feel of parchment but aren't thin or flimsy, with the edges slightly uneven and 'worn' looking that makes it appear like ancient tome. It is a lovely book. I am anxious to try the Bangers and Mash!

  • Kevin - works good so far

    The switch and wires are good and install very nicely on a Polaris RZR 800. Switch had a terminal pull out when I connected the wires as directed by instructions prior to putting it into the dash. I had to work to get it back in and hope it will stay there and not wiggle loose. I was just surprised it came out as I have just been wiring up my toy-hauler and have hooked and unhooked dozens of terminals form various companies as I customized my trailer. Might have just been a one of thing for this company, not sure. I like the light on the switch when it is on however I wish there was a small light on like the factor light switch so that you could see it at night when it is off.

  • CharlieBear - Can mix with just water and it's palatable.

    I've used various protein powders over the years as a diet supplement when weightlifting and now I'm using this to help me lose a little weight. I suck at behavior mod so replacing a late night snack with almased works great to curb my hunger until breakfast.