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  • Melayna Fillmore - Overpowering taste

    My product was delivered fast and efficiently, but unfortunately I found that I cannot use this product because it tastes HORRIBLE. I put 4 drops in my water but the taste literally made me feel nauseated. Even diluting these 4 drops in 32oz of water and using water flavoring did not hide the overpowering ginger taste. Pretty frustrating -- I really wanted to try this product, but cannot stomach it. Maybe the shakes in this same product line would work better, but after wasting $27 on this product I'm not sure I'm reading to fork out more money for that.

  • Emilly LeDee - One charger for all my battery needs

    I got this along with multiple sizes of rechargeable batteries. With my new baby, all his toys needs lots of batteries different sizes so I stashed up on batteries and this charger works for all the different batteries.

  • book lover - I never thought I'd write a review for a Ouija board but...

    First off, a Ouija board is not a toy! I have not really used one seriously since around 1989. I can tell you that several absolutely unexplainable things happened of which I will not go into too much detail in this particular forum. While all of the things that happened were freaky, one in particular involved driving to a location that the board spelled out for myself and my girlfriend (at the time). We didn't know if the address actually existed but thought we'd go there since it wasn't too far away if it really did exist (this was before the days of the Internet when I could have looked it up on Yahoo or Mapquest). When we got there, we could not believe that the address was real, but neither of us was willing to get out of the car and knock on the door (looking back, I almost wish we had). When we got back to her place, the first thing the board spelled out was, "I saw you outside my window." This is not a joke. This happened and it is one of several incidents. My girlfriend got scared and didn't want to play anymore and I've not really touched the board since. I can't explain the things that happened. I only know that several unexplainable things occurred and that I am telling the truth. The unknown is fun and exciting, but it can also be scary and dangerous! Play at your own risk!

  • Kelly Krenkel - Good Picture Poor Power

    The camera takes good pictures but the battery dies really fast and you cannot record while it charges. Once you plug the camera in it completely shuts off and does not have any function.