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  • Michelle Matteson - Simple and Easy!

    This Tv mount suited my needs well. I was needing just a simple, easy, nothing fancy TV mount for the tv in the spare room. This arrived very quickly and was as easy to install as most other TV mounts. One of the main reasons I decided to purchase this particular TV mount as opposed to others is because this one had a three degree tilt which is great because i hate when a TV is mounted paralell to the wall and creates a glare and makes it hard to view regardless of where your sitiing. With this one the tilt allows you to be sitting in bed and watch TV without any sort of defect in your view and viewing angle. Another main reason I went with this one was because of the price. Before going online to look for a mount i went into a few major department stores looking for one and they were always pretty expensive. This one is almost half the price of the ones i saw in stores AND it tilts and comes with an HDMI chord, when the ones in the stores didn't have either those features and extras. I would however recommend you install one of those recessed wall boxes that you can put the chords through that make them go behind the wall and down out the bottom. I would recommend that with any TV thats installed with a mount that doesn't pull out to extend because it just makes it hard to access the back of the TV if you needed to for any reason. Also i would recommend using your own hardware, but like most things you buy like this the hardware just isn't the best and its no big deal to just use your own.

  • M. Ladd - The "Unwatchable" Becoming.

    Seriously? This was under my Recommended Movies on Prime Video list? I can handle some mediocre movies to watch when there is nothing else to watch, but this was unwatchable. I made it through 10 minutes and even that was too long. Keep searching people, nothing to see here.