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  • J.T. Grant - A Must Buy!

    After some trouble getting the game to download, I am finally able to play! Trust me, it is worth the money. If you are a fan of Gears of War, you will be giddy throughout most of the game. If you are not into Gears of War, this game will still blow your mind. The controls are incredibly smooth, the graphics are the BEST I have seen yet, and it is familiar while still feeling new. This is a must buy for any gamer!

  • Amazon Customer - Great quality, great price!

    I am SO pleased with this bookcase, it is really great quality wood and very sturdy. I was a little concerned that it wouldn't be based on the price, but it really is! I have pictures, books, candles, vase on it all at once and it looks great in my living room. It was simple to build in about 20 minutes (my 12 year old helped me do it!) I very much recommend this piece!

  • Eshaw - Same Ole' Story but I have a Suggestion-Hope It Helps

    I've never left a review in my life but I had such a disappointing experience (well, in my case, experiences). The wraps are overpriced and did absolutely nothing for me! The worst part was that I followed the directions to a "T" and both (yes, I was stupid enough to try it twice) representatives talked to me like I was the biggest dummy in the world, incapable of following even the simplest of instructions, and basically were saying that if the wraps didn't work it was my own fault for doing something wrong. Apparently this is a common "theme" with many of their reps. This is not a criticism of this seller but my scathing review of the product and the reps I dealt with. The Lucalean wraps work for me and they are much cheaper with a money back guarantee. Nice people to deal with. Easy, etc. etc.

  • Amazon Customer - Whoever says it doesnt work didnt do the appropriate steps or research anytips to make sure it works!!!!!

    I bought this at a local head shop. they told me how to use it(which wasnt the way the box said, i followed the box). Follow the instructions to a T if you want it to work! My hair is above my shoulders so i only needed one box! You're going to need a new hair brush and/or comb, a new shirt and a new towel( you dont want to recontaminate your hair) and dont use any product on your hair afterwards just blow dry.If you wear glasses, clean them with alcohol wipes thoroughly! Also if you take a bus so i would recommend not letting your head touch the headrest!

  • B. Lugo - Oh, awesome FA!!

    What can I say?? if you are taking USMLE Step 1 you should get this book!! It is different than the previous years ones, it has more useful info on it and it's really like the bible for Step 1!!

  • LuLu - Amazing and does so much for the body

    Neocell's super collagen is amazing stuff! I used the tablets for years then started using their collagen powder, of the same name, recently, and it seems to work faster. Either form of their collagen is amazing. I feel better, my skin looks great, nails grow and hair stops falling out. I found I also have less aches and pains in my legs and back. LOVE this product and notice the difference in 3-4 days if I stop or run out, so I try to never run out. I have tried other brands and so far this is the one I always come back to.