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  • Joan - Learning Spanish is FUN

    I purchased the smaller version of these Spanish CD's and already sold them to someone else now that I have the Gold Edition because it includes the smaller version CD's as well. I am very thankful that the product came in excellent condition and am enjoying them tremendously. Thanks Amazon... Joan... :D

  • gingersnap - Best Office Purchase EVER!

    LOVE LOVE this calendar!! I doodle constantly while on conference calls and now with the coloring book calendar, I'm in heaven! This is awesome and I can be productive at the same time! I have coloring books at home and color every evening. Instead of bringing them into the office, I have this instead AND no one knows that I'm coloring during a meeting! THE BEST!

  • Yogagirl - Well I decided to try this first and am very happy to say it works

    Someone suggested I try this on my 3 yr old dog before I paid $400+ to have the vet clean her teeth. The vet told me that only he could clean the tarter off and she'd have to be put under to do it. Well I decided to try this first and am very happy to say it works! She didn't have a lot of tarter to begin with and her gums were perfectly fine. It only took a few days to begin to see it working.

  • Jason A. - Stubby with great Reception

    Easy to install. Screw off old antenna, screw this one on. I live in a suburban area and have noticed no reception loss after install.

  • Sandal - Found mouse droppings IN THE BOX

    This is an update. I originally gave it three stars because I figured it might work in a closet or under a sink but my area was too large. I left the box with two unopened packages on the counter where mice have been. The packages are wrapped in plastic but you can still smell this stuff through the plastic.

  • Fish - It is easy to install

    Works well. Converted the BOB to hold the Graco for the little one. My wife needed this so the baby could go on runs with her and big brother. It is easy to install.

  • S. Duck - Time Will Tell

    So far, we've had a decent experience with this treadmill. I'll list some "cons" first. As others have mentioned, it isn't exactly easy to put together. Don't be fooled by the "fold up" feature; it still takes up space. The walkway is also rather heavy, and you have to pull out a latch while holding it (the walkway) up to secure it in the "folded" position. This may be fine for fit young people in their 20s, but not so easy for those with back problems. The walkway does not have a lot of padding, so you have to be sure to wear good shoes. Other than that, it's a treadmill. We haven't had any of the mechanical problems (so far) that some people have experienced. It tilts up to provide an "incline" for more varied walking, and it has a number of preinstalled programs for burning a certain amount of calories, for walking a certain amount of time, etc. Time will tell how it hold up under light/normal use.