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  • Aaron - The right birthday present!

    My son just opened his new xbox one and he is excited! It was advertised as new, only opened to update, but there were scratches on the front of the console that looked to be more than just removing the unit to update. Everything else in the box was like new. The console works fine so far, and my son is happy. Good value for the money.

  • Markeythia Johnson - was really god1

    I'm so glad that Juvie had handle all those problems that was causing him problem and got his mind right with my girl Solai. I'm even more shocked about her in Tesh being sisters. I'm happy that nika Lano is doing good and he was helping her break them walls down. Proud of Ole boy getting help and finding himself. Overall this was a good books just like the other 2

  • Rachel Cash - A good game

    My 14 yr old loved this game. He finished it quickly but he does that with a lot of his games. However, it has held his interest enough that he has gone back and played it over and over again to complete different challenges.

  • Danielle S. - Buy regular workout bands it's better and cheaper

    It's hard to use it hurts my knee. The beginner bands are so tight I don't see how to graduate to the next ones. Buy regular workout bands it's better and cheaper.

  • Josh Sfakianakis - Love the monitor but only last 2 months before I had to replace

    Bought this monitor in December of 2015. I had it for almost two months. It looks great. The backlight bleeding does happen. Not a lot thought. If your screen isn't black, you can't see it. My monitor unfortunately just gave out on me just 2 months in. I had pictures uploading on my computer, went to shower and came back to find that the monitor was flickering and had lines all up and across the screen. The last application I had was ghosted even though it wasn't open. Weird. Got a replacement free of charge though. Hopefully this one last longer.

  • kflynn - Cheaply made

    Very cheaply manufactured and causing all sorts of blisters. I would avoid and stick with a shoe that you can try on first.