• acyclovir how long does it take to work - Side Effects Of Valacyclovir Hydrochloride Tablets In Adults Include Headache, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Vomiting, And Dizziness.

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  • Retired Andy - Known gun calibration issue with big screen TVs

    Concept Excellent "A", Graphics EXCELLENT "A" you really feel like your walking through the woods!!! Execution of using gun FAIR "C". There are 2 parts to game Gallery Mode and Story Mode. Gallery Mode gun is critical. Per Activision Tech support Gun calibration on big screen TVs known issue (Xbox360/PS3. After hours of frustration and phone calls. Tech support said change sensor from 1 hr (factory default) to 3 hours. With a 50inch LED HDTV (Samsung 8000 series) I was FINALY able to get a WORKABLE calibration at 15ft 11inches. Once that was done I found shooting in Gallery Mode much more maneuverable WITHOUT the scope on the rifle and in Story Mode much easier/enjoyable using the standard controller. Would definitely buy again. Have shot competitively and am former Marine (many many years ago)

  • Antoinette Rubin - The Joke of the month

    I should have known when I looked at the video. This skinny girl with no belly is such a joke. She needs this product? Show me someone with a large belly, trying to get it on. It is uncomfortable. It rolls up at the top and bottom. Just another Company ripping off the desperate public!

  • Noellex33 - my skin is like brand new

    I had some slight discoloration on my face from acne scarring and after two weeks of applying this once to twice a day, my skin is like brand new! The only problem I had was when applying this to my face, I covered my whole face including my eyes and that was a mistake. This has properties that causes a slight swelling (nothing noticeable) but the eyes are a sensitive area and it will make your eyes swell up. Like when you wake up, it'll look puffy like you were crying all night and really heavy. So if you apply this to your face, avoid the eye/under eye region and you're golden👍🏼

  • Pickngrin - Piece of junk

    This is a cheap piece of junk. It broke during my first project using it (though in all fairness, not on the first day). The unit stopped heating and blowing depending on what position I held it in; when I changed position or shook it, it would start back up. The round plastic piece behind the vent at the end of the gun broke internally and rattled around.