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  • http://urlt.biz/www/freetypinggame.net freetypinggame.net - FreeTypingGame.net - Free typing games online, fun and lesson based keyboarding games including home row!
  • http://urlt.biz/www/umb.edu umb.edu - University of Massachusetts Boston - a student-centered urban public research university - University of Massachusetts Boston

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -87.6503 Illinois, United States

  • Laura Beatty-Walsh - LET A VIRUS IN

    ALMOST KILLED MS LAPTOP #3 let something horrible in that the techies took a month to fix. I won't be purchasing Norton ever again, let alone another MS product. Better save up because Mac, here I come.....

  • Vinita S. Patel - It's a great adult show to watch on Sunday nights

    Season 7 continues to provide the same level of entertainment as the previous 6 seasons. It's a great adult show to watch on Sunday nights. Toast to the writers of this show. They continue to keep the stories interesting and hilarious. Watching such talented actors, Shamelsss continues to add to its fan base. 👍🏽

  • Amazon Customer - Can't remove it from Control Panel

    Avast is free but after one month the subscription expires and you either need to either register or buy an upgrade or deal with daily pop-up messages reminding you that. I tried to remove it like as I would remove any other software after I decided to buy McAfee antivirus. Removing Avast does not happen through the normal process of doing it from the control panel. You need to download some special software from who-knows-where and then go into safety mode in your computer to remove it. If I had known it was going to be so difficult to remove, I would not even considered getting this free antivirus. Buy it at your own risk! You get what you paid for and risk getting your computer infected.

  • Vanessa Richardson - So wonderful!

    First, let me tell you what I do not like about this serum. It needs to be a pump instead of an eye dropper. I don't care how careful you are but pulling the eye dropper in and out gets messy and you waste serum getting on all sides when you screw it back on. Even though I do not like that part I still gave it a five.