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  • ejlcom - So far, so good...but navigating is often a "pain"

    I have used both this software and the Turbotax software over the past many years. This program is my preferred one This one is a little more simplistic to use but, as with both programs, the back-navigation is frustrating...definitely a learning curve thing. I'll hold positive thoughts that this program accurately calculated my taxes for federal as well as the two states I lived in last year. I need to comment that buying the second state's tax software was VERY expensive, costing half again more than the whole Deluxe suite with federal and one state! You have to purchase the second state directly from H & R Block and they ding you badly for it (cost-wise, that is). But, it integrated perfectly into the main program...

  • Willard W. Goins - This Printmaster is not user friendly

    I had Printmaster 16 and it was easy to use and I was able to do tons of stuff with it. This Printmaster I thought would be an upgrade wirh many of the same features only improved. I was wrong. I am sorry I bought it. I would like to suggest that Printmaster go back to their other format and simply add improvements. I especially was upset with the calendar creator of this new printmaster. It is not easy to use.

  • StephenH - Hardware great but software not so

    The hardware is great. The Power Panel software for Linux is a different story. There is no graphical user interface. Communication has been problematic. I finally found that the fix was to install hidapi and libhid. If these are needed, they should have been specified as dependencies in the RPM package. It would have saved some significant frustration.

  • listen-ear - Supersmile Whitening System, Original Mint,Set ,1.2 & 1.4 Ounce

    I prefer this product rather than using other brand name whitening strips or trays. Supersmile system seems a little more gradual but my teeth do look noticeably whiter without making them feel sensitive. I notice when I use other whitening products there was noticeable sensitivity.

  • Amber Dostert - Lies

    Using a NYX lip plumper before, I expected a great quality, real working lip plumper. Before, I bought NYX lip plumper in a gloss tube.

  • Darien - These pants are perfect. I'm 6 feet tall and have a big ...

    oh my God, finally. These pants are perfect. I'm 6 feet tall and have a big butt and these things fit every curve, without making me feel like a stuffed sausage. The fabric is lovely and soft and the 30" inseam hits me right above the ankle (where i wanted it). They're a little higher waist than I would usually opt for, but I don't really care because they're flattering as heck! BRB - Going to get them in every color.

  • Gazmuth - Can't Go Wrong

    Works out really good for gaming. I have a lot of hard drives connected to the board, and my only wish is that there was a couple more USB connections for the access to the front USB ports. I had to install several fans in the case, and used a couple of the connections for the fans, but that is the way it goes. Nice mother board though, and you won't go wrong buying this one!