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  • D. Holbrook - Good upholstery cleaner

    I bought this to clean my white fabric purse that's the size of a carpet bag. I had my purse for a year and a half I bought it in Hawaii. Well it had pink stains, pen marks, dirt, and black outline marks from every day use. This bag is a designer bag that people usually bring out on special occasions, but it is my every day bag. It was getting embarrassing carrying it, bc it was so filthy. I read up on how to clean fabric bags and an upholstery cleaner was recommended. I used this on my purse, it took me the whole afternoon and morning and about 10 applications letting it soak each time( only one bottle), but my purse now has no stains and looks like the day I bought it. Amazing! I wished I had known about this stuff when I use to have dining chairs with white upholstery( I just tossed them out and learned not to buy those). So with this stuff it is possible to buy white upholstery.:)

  • Amazon Customer - Designed for looks, not for ease of use

    I got this for Christmas from my daughter. I'm an old geezer, but I am a retired engineer and know a few things about design. I have to admit that the clasp on the wristband pretty well defeated me. No matter how good (or bad) the technology, if I can't get the device connected around my wrist, it's worthless. I downloaded the user manual, and that was basically no help. So why couldn't they have supplied this device with a normal wristwatch type clasp or buckle? The company needs to look at human factors much closer in designing their devices. Also, the setup was incredibly involved -- way too much for a so-called neat bit of wizardry. Finally, the web site does not provide an app for windows phones (Hey, I live in Redmond WA; so I have a Windows phone), but fortunately I was able to find an app in the Windows phone online store. All in all, I am initially very disappointed in this device. Once I am able to get it running on my wrist, I will update my review.

  • S. Tolbert - New safety cap Is impossible to open. I have ...

    New safety cap Is impossible to open. I have had a stroke and only have one hand that works. I dare you to try to open this bottle with one hand.I took it on an airplane andall of the contents leaked out into my suitcase. Save your old bottles to pour this into

  • Johnny - Don't waste your time

    Couldn't get past the first half. Wasn't exactly low budget, many locations/houses/bars, etc., and a bunch of actors, but just sucked. Bad movie, bad actors.

  • Dr Dean - Terrible out-sourced customer support!

    I purchased the Quickbooks Pro 2012 and downloaded it today. I called customer support thinking that they would help me. What was I thinking? I had to wait 52 minutes to speak to an adviser and the entire call lasted for 1 1/2 hours. The difference in that amount of time was me trying to explain what I needed to someone in Manila that spoke broken English and eventually I was told that I would need to pay $299 per year for something that I paid around $115. I asked the adviser if that made any sense to him and if he would pay more than twice as much for support than I did for the product. He didn't have an answer. Unless you're a guru at this kind of stuff, I'd suggest that you look around and research a little more. Very unsatisfied with customer service!

  • Cheryl - Will buy again for family

    I bought two of these and they both work great. Ive charged three divicrs at once without issue. I had also bought another brand for twice the cost and I actually like this one better. Plus it looks cute and has a digital screen for the power percentage.

  • Laude - After a month, disappointed

    When I first received this product I thought it was great. Over time, it got clogged. I called customer service and they were less than happy to help. We went through troubleshooting, and determined that it needed to go in for a tune up. The nearest approved repair service was not close to where I lived. So, now it has very little suction and the steam does not help with hard wood floors. Rather than take it in somewhere closer and pay for the cost, I am looking for a different brand.