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  • William Hayes - a poor to fair abstract of earlier programs

    As a purchaser of several earlier versions of this same program from 2006-2010 earlier programs had many capabillities that has been omitted in this 2013 version. You cannot insert a thumbnail, address box or other information availiable in earlier versions of the same program.

  • Renee R. Benson - DO NOT BUY!

    I bought this with my brand new top of the line HP computer running Windows 7 Professional. I bought the professional version for added abilities with power point and word. However, I have been so frustrated with the email that I haven't even ventured there. (Puchased February 2013) The Outlook program consistently "hangs" when I try to read emails saying "contacting server for information" even when I have previously viewed the email I am attempting to access. This requires opening task manager, closing and restarting the Outlook program. It is a PITA! I have attempted to import emails from a portable storage device according to MS's instruction to no avail. This required downloading windows live mail as Outlook 2013 will not import directly from XP professional. The folder shows up on the computer, but I cannot see any of the emails. Save yourself the trouble and stay with 2010. I would give 0 stars if I was able.