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  • Dave - The Boss Makes Me Use It

    I've had extensive experience in both Omnis and Filemaker. But we are phasing out Filemaker because we already own Access. I'm attempting to convert Filemaker databases to Access, and I'm finding our old copy of Filemaker 6 (2004)outperforming the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Frankly, it looks like it was developed by a 20-something with no real-world experience who thinks everyone is using it to run either a flower shop or a bicycle store! I'm writing this because after several weeks of work, Access decided it didn't like something - it wasn't sure what, and it wasn't about to tell me specifically. Anyway, it locked up an entire table, and I had to delete fields and re-enter them before I stopped getting very cryptic and annoying error messages that were completely unhelpful. If you have simple database needs and want to put something together quickly, don't use Access.

  • MrsSadler09 - It's PlayStation! Just buy it already!

    It's clear by now who won the next gen war and its Sony. With Xbox One's frequently in overstock, it's ridiculous sign-in requirements, being made to buy "points" you don't need just to purchase a DLC or game, and the whole constant can fiasco at launch its clear who won the race.

  • Andrea - Clear skin in two months!!!

    First I'd like to say that growing up, I never had acne. My skin was flawless during my teens. Once I hit my mid 20's, I began getting these big breakouts that would never rise. They'd last on my skin for weeks, and hurt. Then they'd slowly start to reduce in size and ultimately leave a dark scar on my face. Hence, Cystic Acne. This past year I discovered and am now a HUGE fan of the site. THANK YOU DAN!!! If only I'd found it sooner. I spent countless hours perusing the site, reading product reviews, browsing forums, and trying all the new natural remedies out there. I found solace in reading others success stories. By 26 I thought my acne would subside but it was only getting worse. I would say my acne was moderate, though I was never without a cyst on my face. One goes away, another one starts. So, I began my quest in finding a solution. I can say I have tried every kind of natural home remedy on the market. Lemon juice toner, apple cider vinegar toner, calamine lotion, castor oil/olive oil cleanse, tea tree oil, sulfur, salicylic, you name it. I also started taking vitamins like Primrose oil, a multi-vitamin and drinking Rooibos tea. It's unclear if any of those helped me. Perhaps I was trying too much on my face which was causing more inflammation. All I know is that one night, I brokedown. I spent hours reading Regimen reviews, watching numerous Youtube videos and I decided I had nothing to lose. I bought the Regimen and looked forward to starting it.

  • Amazon Customer - Works good as long as you do it right the first time.

    Looks great. Just make sure you line it up perfectly the first time. You wont be getting a 2nd attempt without ruining it. This is extremely sticky so make sure you have a perfect line up.

  • J. Kulick - This Worked For Me

    I'm diabetic and have painful neuropathy and in the evening my feet have been so painful I would often have to use a walking stick. I bought this device hoping it would help and to my delight, after the first use I was walking pain free. It also cured the pain in my hands along with the weakness. My husband used it for athritis in his shoulder and has helped him. I use it twice a day and have gone a week without my walking stick and I can't tell you how glad that makes me.

  • Amazon Customer - Tasty and priced right.

    This is my favorite brand of Lemon Pepper seasoning. The flavors are balanced and there is no worry of biting into bitterness of cracked pepper. The freshness lasts throughout most of the container(For me 3/4) . You do need to remember that this product is salted so when seasoning food make sure to use this Lemon Pepper seasoning before adding salt as you can easily oversalt a dish otherwise.