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  • Paul G - Perfect size for two Tweens, super bouncy

    After reading other reviews we had no issues assembling this trampoline. Our kids love it and use it regularly. It has been assembled for about 6 months and is showing no signs of wear. It is very bouncy. I am 250 lbs and have no issues using it either. Sometimes I will jump with my kids and its fun for the whole family. Highly recommended!

  • Rocio - diarrhea

    This milk gave my new born diarrhea, gas , and the bubbles. I switched to the gentlease by Enfamil. It's hard to tell what type of reaction your baby will have to formula.

  • Ali Loewenstein - Poor Customer Service

    I am 28 and had a few blemishes, so I decided to try proactiv. Now my skin is a mess! It seemed like it would work, so I stuck with it for a month, and then I got another box in the mail of more product. Be wary, it is not obvious that once you buy the initial kit you will automatically be signed up to receive proactive and be charged continuously. Perhaps proactiv works for some, but since it was having reverse effects for me I called to return the additional box of product that they sent me. Though I still had 2 weeks left to return proactiv for a refund, the customer service representative said that they take 4-6 weeks to process returns, and so it would not be enough time to get my return order refund! Not only do I now have to pay for shipping and handling which is estimated to be around $10 but additionally for a certificate of delivery so I can prove I sent the product in on time. How frustrating. My last rant is that once the customer service woman heard I wanted to return the product, she tried to get off the phone very fast, and I had to keep asking her not to hang up, since she was VERY short and not forward about how to go about handling the return (ie. address, filling out the return slip etc). I would normally not write any review even if the product didn't work for me, but the customer service i received put me over the edge.