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  • Adam Lesser - Not bad, not great.

    Ordered these based on the reviews and price point, however I actually found the QCY-19s to be superior. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Amazon Customer - I love it

    If you're looking for an album of stantards, this is not it. However, if like me you have enjoyed his songwriting on previous albums you will enjoy this. I can't stop listening to this album, I love it. Yes, "Nobody But Me" has a rap in it, but as a lover of many genres I enjoy it. It's upbeat and I blast it in my car with the windows rolled down and I'm old enough to not care who sees me dancing (ok maybe I care a little). "I Believe In You" is sweet and brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it. One of the things I love about Michael is that when he sings, I believe him. As a fan, I'm overjoyed that he was able to put more of himself on this album. I appreciate him for him and that's meaningful to me. Yes I love the standards, but I also adore and value him as an artist. This album gives you both.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesomw for 7the year old

    This was a wonderful birthday gift for my son wanting to be a paleontologist. He didn't stop until he uncovered all of the bones, washed and pieced it all together. Unfortunately it had two left legs which was disappointing but all in all he had a wonderful time.

  • Vern. - Dummies made Smarter

    Because it's easy to read without a lot of computer jargon. It takes a person through the steps in an orderly process.

  • Michael - Awesome

    I bought this and I love it, the always-on feature is great because the console is up and running shortly after powering it back on and any game or app could resumed instantaneously. There isn't much customization on the interface like the Xbox 360 but it is still easy to navigate. The graphics are amazing and definitely an upgrade from previous gen but not very far ahead but in due time it will be. Kinect is iffy as I usually have to repeat myself an extra time so that it registers, Kinect recognition to sign is an excellent feature and in the dark or light it recognizes me so I thought it was just recognizing a person and saying it was me but when I tried it on someone else it did not work so it ACTUALLY recognized me in all of those instances. Impulse triggers are a nice touch, best controller I have ever used. The are a few more cons like not being able to check on storage space, easy apps take awhile to open such as friends and achievements which should not take long at all it should really be a snap. Lastly being able to control my TV through the Xbox One's voice commends is great and satisfying, upload studio for game DVR is niffty and also weekly challenges from various apps and games add more to the experience so overall I think this is an excellent console and a step in the right directions with a few improvements and some new added features this could eventually be the ultimate home entertainment device.

  • larry gibson - Pans lose nonstick coating after about 4 months

    I ordered the 2 unit offer and a 3rd larger pan. All 3 pans have no nonstick qualities at all now. Even with oil in the pan, eggs stick every time. I have to soak and scrub them to clean the eggs off.