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  • Isa Serralde - Best IDE yet...

    I've used various ides before (Netbeans, Quantum, JC, etc;) but I have to say, f you are a serious amateur or even a seasoned pro, Visual Studio 2012 is the best. (Sidenote: I got this for free for a CompSci course I'm taking at the local Community College. If you want to save some serious cash, and learn something along the way, you might want to consider that.)

  • WildanessDude - Highly recommended

    I would normally try to give a detailed more detailed review than this is going to be but I'd rather not get into the nature of certain natural functions. I will say that is product is pretty well built and works as advertised.

  • Amanda Vail - Not only do I feel better, my blood sugar numbers are great and I ...

    Not only do I feel better, my blood sugar numbers are great and I don't have to take nearly as much insulin as I usually do.

  • shascents - Didn't help me..

    I used this in addition to working out 6 times a week. A girl at my gym swore by it so I bought it. I used it regularly as directed and never saw results. Unfortunate because I had high hopes for this product..