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  • roxy123 - Anybody having joint pain?

    I've been using Amberen for 8 days now. Has anyone had joint issues using it? I'm noticing cramping in my wrists and arms. Just wondering if it's normal aches from my workout? Or could the Amberen be causing this? Other then that, I'm noticing I'm not as tired. And I'm not sure if it's my water intake? But I've been peeing a lot more then the norm. Lol.. And have lost a couple pounds. I've read the joint pain, could be what they call menopausal arthritis. Idk. Hope it's not the Amberen. Any feed back from others would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I would give more stars. But I still need more time with it.

  • Anubis - Much Better Than a Plain Cork

    Got this as a birthday gift for my girlfriend the wine enthusiast, but I've gotten to use it a couple of times.

  • Kindle Customer - These were given to our grandchildren and they are now ...

    These were given to our grandchildren and they are now hook on looking at every quarter they get their hands on to fill their book


    Avoid LeapFrog products at all cost. You think you save money or time, but they have the worst customer service in the world. I am writing this review after spending nearly 2 hours with customer service, with them unable to explain why the $5 app I purchased was not syncing to my device. However, they refused to refund me $5 even though I never got the app and they wasted hours of my time. They say they have an absolute no refund policy NO MATTER WHAT. Tells you what kind of company you are dealing with. Also, FYI, my son loves to draw, by they have virtually no art apps. Like half a dozen, most of which involve tracing letters or shapes, and are totally redundant. And they all cost like $20. So whatever you think you save on the purchase of this cheap kids tablet, you will spend on apps since they start at $10 and go past $20. You may as well spend $100-$200 more for an iPad or Android tablet where you can get literally dozens or hundreds of art apps, learning apps, ,etc, many for free, and others for a buck or two, and much higher quality, This thing is both a time and money pit, and the company lacks decency or scruples and should be avoided like the plague.

  • Stephanie Wiginton - Fantastic

    Works for my Graco travel system. Initially bought the Graco adapter, but it did not work for my car seat. After reading many reviews we learned this one works for our Graco! Fits perfect and VERY easy assembly