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  • THill - Nothing Better to Highlight Breaking Bad's Last Episode

    A classic song 1960"s style, a classic musical ending to Breaking Bad (think about "baby blue" and the meth lab), and a great remaster for all of us to enjoy well into the future!

  • J. Bryant - Great calendar

    Great academic calendar, Plenty of room to write assignments and keep track of projects and papers and when they are due. There is a right side bar even where you can write non-academic commitments you might have each day.

  • Ian D Ghrist - the machine worked fine. I also found out that the Keurig 2

    I bought this for a 4-person office. We do not have a sink in the office. We have to use the community sink down the hall, so I wanted a simple coffee maker that we could use by filling it with bottled water. Going with the Keurig 2.0 was a disaster. It stopped working after brewing about 5 cups of coffee. It just displayed an error message saying something about there being a problem with the water pressure. I called Keurig tech support and I was told that this model has higher maintenance requirements than the regular model and you have to use the enclosed maintenance kit on the unit once a week. The support person walked me through the process of using the kit, which requires multiple hot water pours (highly inconvenient given that I have to walk all the way down the hall to the community sink to dump the water and the whole point of buying a Keurig machine instead of a regular coffee maker was to avoid this). After performing the maintenance, the machine worked fine. I also found out that the Keurig 2.0 reads your K-Cups and gives you an error message if you try to use a non-Keurig cup, which also forces you to go through the maintenance steps to get the machine working again. I do not think I could possibly be less happy with this piece of junk. I hope I can get a refund and go back to the Keurig 1.0, which worked fine for me in my old office for several years without problems. Buy the 2.0 models at your own risk. They break a lot, require constant maintenance, and are designed to break when non-Keurig cups are used. If you buy one, then get ready to either spend a lot of time on the phone with Keurig's tech support or spend a lot of time reading the manual to figure out how to fix it when it breaks.

  • Amazon Customer - Revived my 4x4

    It's worked wonders for my 95' 4runner. When I bought my SUV, nobody had changed the tranny or differential fluid in years. This stuff perked it right up. My 4 wheel drive works beautifully now. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who realizes you have to change more than oil and brakes to keep a car running.

  • R. Eye - Sage 50 offers better inventory management but expensive add-ons make it not so complete.

    Sage 50 Complete 2013 is accounting software that used to be known as Peachtree Complete. It has its own database, which can make installation challenging. After installation, the setup wizard asks you to select your accounting method - cash basis or accrual. Once an accounting method is selected, a GUInterface appears to help you navigate the software such as your preference in flowchart formatting. The software shows YTD revenue, accounts payable, accounts receivable, account balances, and display graphics such as pie charts displaying pertinent data. These are accomplished via widgets. Customization is performed by the addition/removal of widgets. Unlike QuickBook Pro (2012), Sage 50 offers a wider variety (LIFO, FIFO) of cost-basis options for inventory while QuickBook Pro only offers one (average cost).

  • Ahna - Fits perfectly

    Fit right on the BOB stroller we have. The Graco car seat fit securely on and has worked well for us.