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  • David W. Ellis - This is a great product and vendor

    This is a great product and vendor. Ive called them and they really were helpful. The remote is working great and was far less then the cost of an OEM. You have to follow the directions perfectly to get keyed in but I am more than satisfied.

  • scott - murad resurgence

    This eye cream did nothing for me. I noticed no difference whatsoever and I even checked in a magnifying mirror. I started using nutrogena oil free moisturizer around my eyes and it smoothed the wrinkles and eliminated the dark circles immensely. Fraction of the price of this cream and from a drug store!

  • Sarahjanel - Best fitness game for any system I have ever done.

    I have several workout games for several different systems. From the Wii Fit to the Golds Gym for X-Box and even Biggest loser. So far this one gives you the best workout I have ever done on a game system. There are several options for starting out and expert levels. You can do individual workouts or a long one that has more of a circuit thing with 6 intervals and three exercises per interval. I do this and I actually am sweating. The jump rope is an excellent cardio and so is the boxing. There are a few workouts where it is hard for it to recognize my movements or sometimes it cuts off my head but that is nothing resetting it can not do. I will say it takes a bit to load but once it is loaded it is fine. I wish the add-ons where not so expensive but I have gotten a good workout without them so it is not a big deal to me. (You can pay for more workouts and different dance routines) It has Zumba and 2 other dance workouts on it. It also tells you if you are not doing an exercise properly, which can get frustrating at times when you feel you are so I just ignore the beep that tells me I messed up. I do not like how it keeps track of your calories burned though. I wish it had a setup like the wii where it tracks by each day but this just adds them all up from the beginning of the game. You can't see a daily report. (At least not that I have found yet)

  • Skillplane - It works!

    This is a good tea if you have *anxiety*--insomnia producing or not. Chamomile has a chemical compound called apigenin, which is a ligand (activator) of GABAa receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter, inhibitory in nature, and acts to put the brakes on in your brain (so to speak). Benzodiazepines (Valium, Ativan etc), act as GABAa agonists. Thus, pharmocologically, chamomile has an identical effect on the brain as a very strong class of anti-anxiety drugs. In principal, if you take enough chamomile, you will actually match the level of anxiety reduction found in said drugs and have the same addiction and rebound potentials. That being said, you'd be drinking a LOT of tea to do it. Nevertheless, chamomile in this tea has an active, pharmacologically based mechanism by which it reduces anxiety and tension. Similarly, tilia flowers are anti-psychoneurotic, but they have been less studied. Be aware, if you take ANY prescription drugs, that apigenin inhibits CYP2C9, which is an enzyme that metabolizes certain drugs. Thus, ask your doctor first if you're taking anything. All in all, I find this tea very useful. I tend to steep for a very long time and add ice both so I fully extract the medicinal components of the tea, and because I don't find scalding beverages relaxing. But obviously to each their own. If you're trying to find something to calm you down, this will work. Your results will vary based on steep time, number of bags you use, your body weight, and the permiability of your digestive tract. Now stop reading this and buy the freaking tea.

  • M. Pennington - Great product

    Well built,fast & efficient. Much more productive than the other Kreg jigs I had been using to put picture frames together for my daughter. She purchased this same jig after I told her how well it worked.

  • Montana Sunshine - Restful sleep awaits you

    This tea has been in my night routine for years. I have noticed a difference on the quality of my sleep when I drinking it versus when I skip. A grateful customer indeed!