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  • Gsleak - Changes

    Lizzie has come home because her dad died. To her surprise this stranger has an inherited all her father stuff. She is left with just his house. Liam has become a close friend to Lizzie dad and he lives right next door. He was there for him . Liam runs a bookie joint that is a little more upscale and teeters between legal and illegal . They meet at the reading of thre Will. He has heard so many stories about her that he knows he want to get to know her . Lizzie see red went she looks at him. In this story there is danger . You will see a new side of both people. The two authors have put together a great story . I voluntarily reviewed in advance copy of this book .

  • Daryl Kim Hamblin, PhD - So far a success

    I am writing this review a little over a week after I received my new Almond. I live in a very old house with 12 foot ceilings 2 by 12 floor joists and plaster walls. The router is attached to my wife's computer on the bottom floor of the house at the back. My computer is upstairs in the front of the house. I tried another router extender before I bought my first Almond and it dropped the signal on a regular basis. When I bought the Almond over a year ago, I had a terrible time setting it up and eventually resorted to a YouTube video and immediately set it up without any difficulty. It dropped the signal occasionally, but I believe it was almost always associated with the loss of power in the house after a storm. I merely reset it and had my signal again. Then it mysteriously quit and it failed to reset after multiple trials. Because it had served so well in because there was a new Almond product available through my favorite resource (Amazon.com), I decided to stay with a winner (even though the first one died on me). I worried about set up since we had switched from a PC to the iMac, but it set up without any difficulty and I immediately had a signal upstairs. I am getting a four star rating only because I have not had it for long and I can't comment on its long-term reliability. Both my desktop and my laptop upstairs indicate that they are getting a stronger signal than before, which supports the company's statement about its increased range.

  • Tanya Sullivan - Perfect for the busy mom's bookclub

    Well written short stories that do not require too much of a time commitment. Nice variety, fitting many people's interests.